The Best 22 Sparkling Video Star Overlays & Backgrounds for Creatives

Video Effects 12/11/2021 5 min read

Whether you’re looking for stunning seasonal flourishes or promoting a festive event, sparking star video overlays and backgrounds are a great asset to have at hand. We’ve picked out 22 of our favorite video star overlays to give your celebration videos an extra touch of magic.

Part 1: 22 Dazzling Video Star Overlays for Editors

1. Glittering Golden Stars Loop

The Glittering Golden Stars overlay is a beautifully designed 10-second video loop featuring rose gold twinkles. The dynamic animation offers flickering and forward motion, like handfuls of glitter thrown at the camera.

Download Glittering Golden Stars Loop Now

2. Starfall Loop

The 10 second long Starfall Loop is a stunning composition of hundreds of falling stars. With a firework feel to the light trails, this overlay would be ideal for Christmas and New Years’ videos and presentations.

Download Starfall Loop Now

3. Star Dust Magic Background

The Star Dust Magic background is an ideal overlay for adding a magical, fantasy atmosphere to your videos and intro sequences. The blanket of glittering dust moves upwards, giving the feel of light-catching a scattering of glitter.

Download Star Dust Magic Background Now

4. Stars Particles

The 20 second Stars Particle background is ideal for adding a festive touch to any video project. Featuring glittering blue stars, the unique background also offers organic feeling light rays and bokeh elements.

Download Stars Particles Now

5. Swirling Star Particles Loop

The Swirling Star Particles Loop provides 5 unique white light backgrounds featuring white orbs with thin light trails. The animation makes these backgrounds stand out, as the swirling star pattern disappears into a black hole. 

Download Swirling Star Particles Loop Now

6. Star Way

The Star Way background is a 20-second piece, ideal for celebration and events videos. The composition offers a screen full of golden 5 point stars falling upwards in the foreground, with swirling clusters in the background.

Download Star Way Now

7. Gold Star Particles Fall

The Gold Star Particles Fall video is ideal for the holiday season and could be used as a background and an overlay. The composition features thousands of 5 points stars raining down the screen from a golden glow at the top.

Download Gold Star Particles Fall Now

8. Star Plume

Featuring a range of red, gold, and white 4 point stars, the Star Plume project is a fantastic overlay for added festive flourishes. Moving diagonally across the screen, the Star Plume shrinks and swells, leaving a dusting of glitter behind it.

Download Star Plume Now

9. Aurora Particles 4K

The Aurora Particles 4K motion video is a stunning and magical composition ideal for business presentations and Christmas messages. Featuring purple/white orbs and a bright pink light trail, this background is sure to grab your viewer’s attention.

Download Aurora Particles 4K Now

10. White Blue Stars 4K

The White Blue Stars 4K video features a blizzard of two-toned orbs with glittering light rays flurrying across the screen. The swirling movement appears to have no gravity as the dust-like particles drift in every direction.

Download White Blue Stars 4K Now

11. Futuristic Stars Background

The Futuristic Stars Background is a stunning 20-second composition featuring bright purple bokeh stars. The downward floating motion is calming, while the light snow effect adds a seasonal feel.

Download Futuristic Stars Background Now

12. Star Background

The Star Background provides 10 seconds of bold, cartoony 5 point stars floating slowly toward the camera. The purple/white light effects and drifting orbs add depth to a composition that could otherwise feel a little cluttered.

Download Star Background Now

13. Twinkling Stars Particle Loop

The Twinkling Stars Particle composition provides a 10-second loop of glittering stars on a black background. The organic feeling orbs twinkle in and out; ideal for a starry sky background for your animated projects.

Download Twinkling Stars Particle Loop Now

14. Shimmering Stars and Blue Particles Loop

The golden stars in this background composition feel more like a swarm of fireflies at a distance. Accompanied by blue particles and a cloudy blue background, Shimmering Stars and Blue Particles provides a 12-second loop of magic.

Download Shimmering Stars and Blue Particles Loop Now

15. Green Sparkle

Ideal for event promos and digital Christmas cards, the Green Sparkle background is a bright and vivid 12-second scene. With a vast green light ray from the top, upward drifting orbs, and bright flashing stars, this background is sure to get you noticed.

Download Green Sparkle Now

16. Celebration Background

The 20-second Celebration Background with a bright, fiery palette would work well for summer, autumn, and winter occasions. With giant rays and flickering stars, the orange/gold/green composition is ideal for text backgrounds.

Download Celebration Background Now

17. Starry Sky Loop

The Starry Sky Loop is a 25 second, organic-style sky bursting with twinkling lights. The realistic night sky is the ideal option for any sky replacement or augmentation needed for those cloudier shots.

Download Starry Sky Loop Now

18. Travel In Space

Drifting through space, the Travel In Space composition can be used for many projects, from stunning festive messages to eerie sci-fi titles. The organic orbs move in a parallax, creating depth against the dark blue sky.

Download Travel In Space Now

19. Stars Confetti

Add Star Confetti to any celebration video for a unique and fun video overlay. Featuring green, red, and gold star-shaped confetti falling from above, you’re sure to bring any festival occasion to life for your viewer.

Download Stars Confetti Now

20. 3D Gold Star Rain

Featuring glinting 3D golden stars raining from above, this 25-second video could be used as both a background and an overlay. The steady speed and subtle motion allow for a beautiful and stylized flourish without being distracting.

Download 3D Gold Star Rain Now

21. Gold Stars Snowflakes Loop

The 28 second looping Gold Stars Snowflakes video is a stunningly designed alpha layer for your projects. The video features blue pulsing light rays, gold floating dust, slow flickering stars, and drifting snowflake shapes.

Download Gold Stars Snowflakes Loop Now

22. Star Stream and Bokeh

The Star Stream and Bokeh video is a 30-second golden light wall, ideal for title cards and event promo information. The bright yellow/gold stars move swiftly in a 3D style, with a mass of orange/gold bokeh effects in the background.

Download Star Stream and Bokeh Now

Part 2: Use Video Star Overlays with Christmas Footage

You can use overlays in any editing software where you can edit the blend modes. The steps are straightforward; we will show you in Final Cut Pro, but the blend mode options should be in your layer settings panel.

  1. Edit your footage in the timeline as you would normally.
  2. Import your downloaded overlay, and drag it to your timeline; position it above your footage.
  3. Trim the ends of your Overlay to match the clip/video.
  4. Select the Overlay clip in the timeline and go to the Inspector.
  5. Find the Blend Mode options and select Screen from the drop-down list.

No matter what you are celebrating, creating a video of your event is the perfect way of capturing your festivities. Video star overlays and backgrounds are the ideal assets for title cards, messaging, and adding a magical flourish. If you’re looking for more options, check out this additional list of 33 video overlays, including light leaks, bokeh, and film grain textures.