30 Amazing Wedding Titles For Your Marriage Videos

Video Effects 11/01/2021 8 min read

Wedding videos are the perfect way to capture the memories of a special day. But what’s the best way to design them? If you’re making a wedding for a client, creating animated text that reflects the beauty of the day can be quite daunting. Fortunately there’s a huge number of ready-made animated titles for wedding videos in the Motion Array library. Check out this list of 30 amazing wedding titles and read on to learn how to use them in your projects. 

Part 1: 30 Romantic & Elegant Wedding Titles for Your Next Project

1. Elegant Flower Wedding Titles

To kick things off, let’s check out this After Effects templates pack. It contains eight stylish titles to choose from and include in your wedding video, each one featuring beautifully animated flowers and text. All you need to do is change the colors and text, and you’re ready to render and drop them into your project.

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2. Wedding Titles Luxury

Flowers, leaves, stars, laurels and hearts are all animated on screen around text to create this package of luxury wedding titles. These are perfect for any film that needs to feel premium and glossy, with plenty of gold leaf and a high quality finish. This After Effects template does not require any plugins.

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3. Wedding Titles Elegant

Use one of the titles from this huge After Effects template to illustrate your video wedding invitations or compilation video from the big day itself. There are plenty to choose from and each one is beautifully animated to create a high quality video for the unforgettable day.

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4. Romantic Wedding Titles Pack V 2.0

Grab this After Effects project and tweak the text and colors using a smart color controller. No plugins are required to create stunning results – everything is pre-packaged and good to go. Simply download the project, open it in Adobe After Effects, and get started right away.

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5. Modern Wedding Titles

If you want to break away from traditional ornate titles and start using something a little more trendy and modern, these titles are for you. Explosive text, silhouette cut-outs, and a brand new look for wedding titles are all available at the click of a button in this After Effects project.

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6. Elegant and Smooth Wedding Titles in 4K

Clean, simple, and modern – this pack contains 12 ready-to-use full screen title templates for After Effects. They’re beautiful and versatile, so can easily be used in projects other than wedding videos. The template is 4K so can be used in your high resolution videos.

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7. 18 Unique Wedding Titles

There’s a wide variety of wedding titles to choose from in this After Effects project. Pick your favorite from 18 diverse animated titles and add them to your wedding videos and invitation videos. Simply download the project file, open it up in After Effects, and start creating incredible videos right  away.

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8. Floral Wedding Titles Pack

This After Effects template is designed with the flower-lovers in mind. Each title is designed with a floral border or theme, and animates on gracefully. All you need to do is open up the template and tweak the text of the titles to use them in your videos.

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9. Natural Wedding Titles Pack

This is a pack of wedding titles for traditional weddings, featuring floral emblems and animated butterflies. Each one is beautiful, clean and perfect for a wedding of any kind. Choose from designs in this 4K After Effects template and start using them right away.

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10. 14 Wedding Titles

Choose your favorite design from a pack of 14 stunning titles for wedding videos. Each one could also be used as lower thirds. Open the template in After Effects, change the text and render the final output to create instant high quality results. Each design is completely unique and ready to go.

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11. Fun Wedding Titles

Here’s one for Premiere Pro users. This HD project file contains seven high quality templates to play with. All you need to do is edit the text and render. Perfect for a video about a wedding day, invitations, or just a personal memory.

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12. Rustic Wedding Titles

These titles, available here as a Premiere Pro template, are designed with rural, rustic weddings in mind. If you’re getting married outdoors under the stars or a leafy canopy, these designs are for you. This clean animation is ideal for any wedding-themed video, and all you need to edit is the text.

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13. Romantic Wedding Titles

Pick your favorite from these six floral wedding titles. Romance is well and truly in the air with these stunning designs, so whether you’re making a proposal video, wedding video, invitation video or something for Valentine’s Day there is something here for you to use. Open up the project in Premiere Pro, tweak the text, and render!

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14. Wedding Titles

The wedding titles in this Premiere Pro template are modern and clean, and focussed much more on text than on floral designs or beautiful animation. Each one is smooth and simple, and would work perfectly as lower thirds as well.

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15. Wedding Titles and Light Leaks Transitions

This combination pack of titles and light leaks is all you need to start creating beautiful wedding videos. The title designs are fresh and modern, and the light leaks are perfect for transitioning between scenes to create a luxurious, glossy result. Use this template in Premiere Pro, no plugins needed.

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16. Pro Wedding Titles

Clean, smooth, and simple but very effective: these designs are ideal for any kind of wedding video and would work great in other video projects too. Everything is neatly packaged into a Premiere Pro template that’s easy to render out into a high-quality product. 

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17. Promo Wedding Titles

This Premiere Pro template features 10 full-screen animated titles for wedding videos. Add a little romance to your videos, whether you’re creating a holiday slideshow or a wedding invitation video, by personalizing the text and overlaying on footage.

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18. Glitch Wedding Titles

If you’re looking for something a little more modern and fresh than the typical floral animated designs, look no further. Open up this pack of glitch wedding titles in Premiere Pro and get started. The template has a clear modular structure that’s easy to jump in and tweak to get great results.

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19. Elegant Wedding Titles

If you’re a Final Cut Pro user, this pack is for you. There are 12 stunning titles for wedding videos here, and it’s incredibly easy to edit the text and color to your choice. Overlay the final title on your footage and render it for a perfect wedding video.

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20. Wedding Titles II

Here’s a pack of nine unique title templates to use in your Final Cut Pro projects. Each one is animated with clean lines and editable text, so all you need to do is amend the text to your preference and render the results.

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21. Hand Drawn Wedding Titles

This is much more than just a titles pack. This Final Cut Pro template includes a huge variety of hand-drawn animated elements to populate your videos. Choose from assets like drinks, hearts, flowers, cakes, suits and much more and simply drop them into your existing project.

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22. Colorful Wedding Titles

Each of these 11 elegant titles has a color control for you to tweak until you’re happy with the perfect results. The Final Cut Pro template is versatile, dynamic, and easy to use, perfect for wedding videos or slideshows of your personal photos.

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23. Wedding Titles Pack 4K

This is a huge pack of titles for Final Cut Pro, rendered in huge high quality 4K resolution. With animated flourishes like leaves and hearts, there are 31 text placeholders to edit and incorporate in your own projects. Perfect for wedding videos, events, and even if you’re just editing together your own photos for personal use.

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24. Wedding Logos and Titles

If you’re looking for titles with a clean, minimal aesthetic, try this pack of wedding logos and titles for Final Cut Pro. It’s a beautiful selection of six stunning assets for you to add to your own videos, whether you’re making a commercial or a wedding video for a private client.

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25. Lovely Titles

Decorate your holidays videos with stylish, clean animated titles in Final Cut Pro. This HD pack doesn’t require any plugins, just simply tweak the text and render the final results. It does however come with a video tutorial which lays out exactly how to get the most out of your template.

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26. Blooming Wedding Titles

Flowers and stems bloom and blossom across the screen in this stunning DaVinci Resolve template. This pack contains six easy to use titles. All you need to do is open up the project and tweak the text and colors to match your current project.

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27. Romantic Titles

If you’re looking for some title designs to incorporate into your DaVinci Resolve wedding videos, look no further than this template pack. Each title is clearly laid out with easily editable text and colors, and the final results are premium enough for any professional wedding video.

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28. Wedding Titles Template 3.0

These video titles are a mix of traditional and modern designs for wedding videos, anniversary videos and holiday videos. If you want to add text to some of your treasured personal videos is the perfect DaVinci Resolve template for you. 

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29. 8 Wedding Titles 2.0

Choose from eight premium floral, decorative titles to add to your videos in this DaVinci Resolve pack. Celebrate your engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays with high-quality animated titles. The text and colors are easily editable, so you can focus on the content itself.

Download 8 Wedding Titles 2.0 Now

30. Wedding Hand Drawn Pack

This fresh style of animation is a different vibe than the traditional, slow floral animations. This DaVinci Resolve template is made of hand-drawn, energetic titles perfect for a modern twist on the wedding video. Simply edit the text and the colors and apply them to your own project.

Download Wedding Hand Drawn Pack Now

Part 2: How to Use Wedding Title Templates in After Effects

So you’ve chosen your favorite title, what next? The process will vary depending on the platform you’re working in, but here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use wedding title templates in After Effects.

  1. Open the After Effect projects.
  2. Import your chosen footage with CMD/CTRL+i or by going to File > Import > File
  3. In the Final Comp, open your favorite title from the selection.
  4. Navigate into the sub-comps and edit the text and font to your liking.
  1. Back in the comp of your chosen title, drag the footage underneath the layers so the title is visible on the footage.
  2. Select the layers of the title together and move the title around the frame until you are happy with it.
  3. If it isn’t clear against the background, try blurring the footage by adding the Gaussian Blur effect to the video clip or changing the title to another color in the Color Control comp.
  4. Once you are happy with the result, render the comp by going to Composition > Add to Render Queue.

Alternatively, if you just want the title by itself, skip out steps 2 and 5, instead of working on the title in isolation. When you render the sequence, render it with an alpha channel, which will create a transparent video file. Then you can import them into your video sequence elsewhere – in Premiere Pro, for example.

Wedding videos are a beautiful way to capture an important day, whether you’re filming for yourself and your family or professionally for a client. Using animated titles adds an extra level of quality to your videos, and the Motion Array wedding title templates are quick and easy to use. Simply download the template, open it in your chosen platform – Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro – tweak the text, overlay it on your footage, and you’re done.

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