25 Top-Notch After Effects Text Presets & Effects for Creatives

After Effects 24/08/2021 5 min read

Creating trendy text effects in After Effects doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming. With hundreds of templates available to download, using customizable AE presets can allow you to create incredible typography compositions in minutes. We’ve put together 15 After Effect title presets to help you find what you need.

Part 1: 15 After Effects Text Presets & Animations

1. Cyberpunk Text Animations

Cyberpunk Text Animations is a set of 9 presets that are ideal for event promos, music videos, and showreels. The bright neon stroke shows off your messaging with beautiful electric pulsing flourishes. 

Download Cyberpunk Text Animations Now

2. Stretch Animation Presets

This set of 9 modern and dynamically animated stretch presets adds a bold title reveal effect to your videos. The striking typography makes these titles ideal for quick social media updates, title cards, and sales messages.

Download Stretch Animation Presets Now

3. Flipboard Text Presets

If you are looking to turn your text into a sleek flipboard-style animation, then this is the template for you. With dynamic spinning that fully emulates an airport display board will work perfectly for your next travel video or even event intros.  

Download Flipboard Text Presets Now

4. Trendy Text Animation

The Trendy Text Animations pack contains 20 in and out After Effects transitions to create fantastic, dynamic typography. Ideal for creating titles for your TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Youtube Shorts. 

Download Trendy Text Animation Now

5. Twist Text Animator

The Twist Text animator is an extraordinary pack of 18 speedy twist typography animations. This is ideal for big, bold messaging; your titles spin and twist on-screen with various effects, including blurs, elastic, glitches, and warps.

Download Twist Text Animator Now

6. Brightness Text Animator

Turn your text into a glowing floodlight of color with this stylish and cinematic text animator project. Control the direction, speed, and flare levels of the light source and watch the rays of light split through your title.

Download Brightness Text Animator Now

7. Glitch Text Presets

The Glitch Text Presets pack contains 20 trendy and unique glitch titles ideal for opening sequences, trailers, and showreels. With a range of effects, including decoder glitch, RGB, and double exposure, these titles work with shorter and longer messages.

Download Glitch Text Presets Now

8. Typography BG Presets

Typography BG Presets is a massive 73 presets for full-screen title backgrounds. The beautifully animated background animations consist of repeating text tiles with a range of effects, including warps, twists, tracking, and zooms.

Download Typography BG Presets Now

9. Wipe Text Transitions

The Wipe Text Transitions pack contains 9 awesome presets to help you animate between title elements. The trendy and dynamic animation uses Venetian Blind style wipes to transform your text layers and take the viewer seamlessly through your message.

Download Wipe Text Transitions Now

10. Glitch VHS Text Transitions

The Glitch VHS offers 16 extreme glitch title presets with fast and erratic animation. The fun movements and bright color palettes are ideal for music videos, opening title sequences, and event promos.

Download Glitch VHS Text Transitions Now

11. Flame Text Animation

The Flame Text animation pack offers a range of simple dissolve and wipe transitions, but the flame effect makes these titles stand out. With a simple text edit, your message can appear from and dissolve into styling, realistic-looking flames.

Download Flame Text Animation Now

12. Dynamic Text Presets

The Dynamic Text Presets pack is ideal for larger messages, such as title cards or quick social media updates. The bold style and dynamic animation slide your title on-screen before splitting the character baseline for randomized height.

Download Dynamic Text Presets Now

13. Futuristic Text Transitions

The Futuristic Text Transitions pack contains all of the standard transitions you might expect; scale, directional wipes, blurs and spins. Where this pack stands out is in the colorful hologram effect, giving your title a futuristic look.

Download Futuristic Text Transitions Now

14. 100 Loop Glitch Text Presets

This pack of 100 Loop Glitch Text Presets contains no transitional effects; instead, these dynamic animations continuously animate your titles. With 100 to choose from, you’ll never be short on trendy glitch looks.

Download 100 Loop Glitch Text Presets Now

15. Neon Sign Creator

The Neon Sign Creator allows you to turn your titles and graphic flourishes into excellent, neon-style signs. To create your title, what you’ll need to do is make your title and graphic and drop it into the compound clip; the template will do the rest.

Download Neon Sign Creator Now

Part 2: 10 Extra Text Effect Templates for After Effects

1. Stomp Opener

The Stomp Opener is a fast and dynamic template with 24 editable text layers and 1 logo placeholder. Combining stretch effects with an RGB glitch look and flashy animated backgrounds, this project will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Download Stomp Opener Now

2. Typography Stories Pack

The Typography Stories Pack includes 4 striking designs with dynamically animated fullscreen titles. The portrait is super easy to customize to your brand with a bold two-color palette.

Download Typography Stories Pack Now

3. Grotesk Typography Titles

The Grotesk Typography pack includes 5 experimental, full-screen text designs ideal for title cards and social media flyers. The 3D look creates depth in the two-tone design, with striking effects including tunnel text, waves, and a creepy eyeball glitch.

Download Grotesk Typography Titles Now

4. Dynamic Stylish Typography

The Dynamic Stylish Typography template includes a modular structure of 15 title slides, in 3 aspect ratios. The fast and flashy title cards are ideal for short event promos, slideshows, and social media updates.

Download Dynamic Stylish Typography Now

5. Fashion Typo Glitch

The Fashion Typo Glitch is a fun and colorful typography template, ideal for presentations, announcements, and promos. Boldly patterned backgrounds highlight the speedy and dynamic animation.

Download Fashion Typo Glitch Now

6. Bright Typography Glitch

The Bright Typography Glitch pack contains 10 clean and modern video flyer slides, which you can combine to create longer video slideshows. The glitch effects are organic and subtle alongside the dynamic text tracking and wipe effects.

Download Bright Typography Glitch Now

7. Black Bold Typo

The Black Bold Typo Project includes 17 editable text layers with a trendy, bold design. Ideal for shorter messaging that can be split over multiple slides, this eye-catching template is sure to grab your viewer’s attention. 

Download Black Bold Typo Now

8. Action Strike Titles

The Action Strike Titles fully lives up to its name with a range of exciting effects that are sure to increase the thrill factor in any movie trailer, sports highlights, or high-energy product videos. Loaded with smashing, quick shattering, splitting effects, and slick camera moves for titles, this is one impressive template to add to your library.

Download Action Strike Titles Now

9. Modern Typography Titles

You might be shocked with what you can make with this versatile After Effects template, featuring bold, clear text in various styles; this impactful template is perfect for product demos, presentations, slideshows, and opening credits.

Download Modern Typography Titles Now

10. Modern Typography Titles

This vibrantly designed template can add that neon retro style in minutes with 10 stunningly animated text animations. As you can easily alter the composition to suit any aspect ratio, this template is ideal for all forms of social media videos on all platforms. 

Download Modern Typography Titles Now

If you’re an After Effect animator, you’ll probably be aware of how helpful title presets and templates are for your work. Not only can these assets save you time, but they can help you create new and exciting looks beyond your skill-set. Using templates can help you discover more about After Effects and new techniques for your work.

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