Top 35 New Year Music for Your Videos to Ring in 2022

Royalty Free Music 26/12/2021 6 min read

Music really sets the scene and every good holiday video project needs a stellar soundtrack. Whether you’re looking for something to pair with your classic holiday romance, or you want to add a funky beat to your dance scene, these 35 tracks bring along some great vibes.

The Best New Years Eve Music to Use in Your Videos

1. Countdown Begins

Countdown Begins is the perfect piece for the New Year countdown in your next holiday piece. It combines modern bass with electric guitar, strings, drums, and scratches for a funky beat.

Download Countdown Begins Now

2. New Year Party

Featuring a spinning Latin vibe, New Year Party is the perfect poppy background for your next travel-themed holiday video. In classic pop fashion, it features light vocals, synths, bass, and a bit of glitchy percussion.

Download New Year Party Now

3. Chinese New Year Is Coming

Bursting with celebration Chinese New Year Is Coming makes the perfect addition to your next bustling festive scene. Inspired by a traditional Chinese spring festival, it’s cheery and bright.

Download Chinese New Year Is Coming Now

4. Positive New Year Ukulele Music

Who doesn’t love a mood-lifting ukulele piece? Positive New Year Ukulele Music is the perfect energetic backdrop for your next cheerful corporate presentation, but it could easily double for a fun radio jingle.

Download Positive New Year Ukulele Music Now

5. New Year Street

New Year Street combines hip hop beats and synths with classic guitar, bells, and bass for a modern holiday-themed track. This musical combination fits perfectly with your holiday social promo or even a vlog background.

Download New Year Street Now

6. New Year Pictures 

For bouncing, uplifting fun, New Year Pictures is the best pick. This inspiring piece combines ukuleles, percussion, keys, bass, and strings into one perfect holiday-themed promo track.

Download New Year Pictures Now

7. Good New Year Spirit

Good New Year Spirit takes a refreshing breath when it comes to calm holiday-themed songs. Featuring good vibes and a light melody, you can choose from four different lengths perfect for your next project.

Download Good New Year Spirit Now

8. New Year Holidays

Bright, bouncing, and light, New Year Holidays is a festive royalty-free Christmas track. It features a combination of violin, cello, bells, horns, and drums that are bound to put your audience in the holiday spirit.

Download New Year Holidays Now

9. New Year Celebration

Featuring a classic holiday atmosphere with Celtic inspiration, New Year Celebration is ideal for your next Christmas romance project. It features a melodic orchestra that heavily implies traditional dancing.

Download New Year Celebration Now

10. New Year In China

If your next holiday project is inspired by or takes place in China, New Year In China is a modern take on a classic sound. It features vocal slices, guitar, bass, Guzheng, and pop-themed beats.

Download New Year In China Now

11. The Beginning Of The New Year

The Beginning Of The New Year brings a chill, calming ambiance to holiday-themed tracks. Featuring strings, piano, synths, bass, and slow beats, it’s perfect for your next social promo clip.

12. New Year Has Come

If you’re looking for an inspirational and light holiday-themed piece, New Year Has Come is for you. This New Year track features the guitar, piano, bells, drums, and pad, making it perfect for your next corporate project.

Download New Year Has Come Now

13. New Year’s Cozy Evening

New Year’s Cozy Evening provides the perfect modern holiday atmosphere, fit with a hip-hop beat. It combines bass, piano, bells, and vocals for the perfect holiday track.

Download New Year’s Cozy Evening Now

14. New Year Expectations

The light and airy New Year Expectations combines the cheerful, upbeat sounds of strings, bass, and the glockenspiel with modern elements like EDM saws and FX. Whether you’re creating a social media promo or putting together a corporate holiday presentation, this track checks all the boxes.

Download New Year Expectations Now

15. New Year’s Eve Gifts

New Year’s Eve Gifts is a cheerful, upbeat track that combines sleigh bells, strings, and other playful sounds. It makes the perfect backdrop for holiday events and cartoons alike.

Download New Year’s Eve Gifts Now

16. New Year, New Look

For something a little bit more trendy and upbeat, New Year, New Look has you covered. With groovy bass, smooth guitars, claps, drums, and a tad bit of vocals it’s the perfect addition to your holiday-themed fashion advertisement.

Download New Year, New Look Now

17. New Year With Love

New Year With Love gives you five different lengths to choose from, making it a great fit for your next promotional ad. It combines the piano with strings, sleigh bells, percussion, and the glockenspiel.

Download New Year With Love Now

18. Ready For The New Year

If you’re looking for a ticking clock to add to your collection Ready For The New Year helps give you something a bit more inspirational. With a steady clock combines with bells, an orchestra, clapping, shouting, and fireworks, this makes for the perfect celebratory piece.

Download Ready For The New Year Now

19. New Years Approaching

For a more somber, melodic approach there’s New Years Approaching. It features a cinematic combination of bells, strings, horns, piano, and drums that’s perfect for your holiday-themed nature promo.

Download New Years Approaching Now

20. Welcome To The New Year

Welcome To The New Year is a folksy take on a Christmas classic. It features jumping sleigh bells, chimes, ukulele, and bells that make it perfect for your next project for kids.

Download Welcome To The New Year Now

21. Meet The New Year

Featuring hopping pianos, bells, flutes, strings, brass, and chimes, Meet The New Year is the perfect playful addition to your next family-themed holiday piece. Whatever you need it to fit, this short royalty-free track can fit the bill.

Download Meet The New Year Now

22. Celebrate The New Year

If you’re looking for a variety of lengths, look no further than Celebrate The New Year. This track features inspiring percussion, strings, and piano that circles in a motivational crescendo that has 5 lengths to choose from.

Download Celebrate The New Year Now

23. Happy New Year

Happy New Year is a smart, peaceful track that’s a must-add to your next holiday commercial. Featuring strings, bells, woodwinds, and percussion, it provides a soft, angelic ambiance.

Download Happy New Year Now

24. Wild New Year’s Party

If you’re looking to highlight your film’s holiday party scene with some energetic music, Wild New Year’s Party has you covered. Combining Moombahton vibes and memorable synthesizer leads it’s sure to uplift the mood.

Download Wild New Year’s Party Now

25. New Year Is Here

If you want something epic that helps illustrate that time is running out, New Year Is Here might just be the track for you. It combines a choir and strings with a ticking countdown for something truly holiday-themed.

Download New Year Is Here Now

26. New Year’s Surprise

New Year’s Surprise combines a host of instrumental pieces from the piano and strings to flutes and the glockenspiel. This fast-moving but calm holiday piece will fit perfectly into your winter video.

Download New Year’s Surprise Now

27. New Year Twinkles Lights

For two minutes of inspiration, look to New Year Twinkles Lights. This festive and joyful track combines orchestral pieces, bells, and the flute to make the perfect mood-setting music for your next holiday-themed TV show.

Download New Year Twinkles Lights Now

28. Fun And Joy In The New Year

A modern, light take on an old festive tune, the Fun And Joy In The New Year is a must-listen if you’re looking to add to your holiday project. This unimposing tune combines the ukulele, chimes, and sleigh bells.

Download Fun And Joy In The New Year Now

29. Meet The New Year

Meet The New Year is the perfect holiday-themed royalty-free track if you want something inspirational and lighthearted. Combining sleigh bells, the glockenspiel, flute, percussion, and orchestral elements, you won’t want to miss adding this to your holiday commercial.

Download Meet The New Year Now

30. Magic Of New Year

The elves might pack themselves away after Christmas, but the Magic Of New Year keeps the inspiration going all season. This uplifting piece combines strings, sleigh bells, and the piano for the perfect slideshow soundtrack that comes in three different lengths.

Download Magic Of New Year Now

31. New Year’s Fairy Tale

New Year’s Fairy Tale brings a peaceful romance to the holidays. Combining strings, percussion, and the guitar, it’s the perfect addition to your next holiday commercial or TV advertisement.

Download New Year’s Fairy Tale Now

32. New Year Greetings

If you’re looking for something contemporary to pair with your New Year’s film or advertisement, look no further than New Year Greeting. This royalty-free piece of new year’s music combines sleigh bells, strings, piano, and percussion.

33. New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions combines the calming sounds of the marimba, strings, and piano together into a modern piece. It’s the perfect holiday-themed uplifting piece to grace your next video project.

Download New Year Resolutions Now

34. New Year’s Dinner

Whether you’re looking for smooth jazz background music or something to add to your family slideshow, New Year’s Dinner delivers. Featuring bells, piano, saxophone, brush drums, and strings, this sweet melody is the perfect holiday delight.

Download New Year’s Dinner Now

35. And A Happy New Year

If you’re looking for something that has a light, happy feel to it, And A Happy New Year might just be the perfect track for you. This modern, jazzy take on a classic tune combines guitars and drums, perfect for a holiday-themed commercial.\

Download And A Happy New Year Now

Adding holiday music can really make your next seasonal project burst with professionalism — but you need to find the perfect fit. Motion Array has thousands of funky tracks, inspiring pieces, and holiday classics that you can add to your next project.