Top 25 Free & Paid Transition Sound Effects For Editors

Royalty Free Music 07/10/2021 6 min read

When it comes to bringing your transitions to life, you can’t go far wrong with adding sound effects. Having your clips sweep past and slide into between each other is made even more satisfying when you add a clean whoosh sound effect. It can add a huge amount to even the most simple of sequences, lifting the entire video. The difficult part is choosing which sound effect to use. Motion Array’s library is bursting with whoosh sound effects to accompany your transitions. All you need to do is pick your favorite. Check out the list below and keep reading to learn how to incorporate them into your projects.

Part 1: 25 Impressive Transition Sound Effects

1. Free Transition Sound Effects

Choose from 14 wide-ranging audio transitions in this downloadable pack. From alien echoes to mysterious booms, these would work great in any videos or video games you’re working on. The WAV file is totally free, so what are you waiting for?

Free Transition Sound Effects Download

2. Swoosh Transition Sound Effect

There are five awesome royalty-free sound effects to choose from, and each one would go great with any kind of video or animation transition.

Download Swoosh Transition Sound Effect Now

3. Free Whoosh Sound Effect

There’s a high-tech theme to these sound effects. Six short whooshes with a cinematic effect and epic tails would work great in your movie trailers and video games. Download this WAV file today and start using it in your projects right away.

Free Whoosh Sound Effect Download

4. Free Crowd Laughs Cheering And Applauding

If you are working on some comedy clips or funny videos, even those with your cats or dogs, these laughs and cheers are perfect. Easily mimic the reality hidden camera tv shows on your own social media feed!

Free Crowd Laughs Cheering And Applauding Download

5. Free Explosion Sound Effect

If you are looking to transition between action scenes or big promo announcements, this set of 6 explosion sounds are a great addition to your arsenal. These dynamic impact sounds will pump up your massive projects with more adrenaline in a heartbeat!

Free Explosion Sound Effect Download

6. Free Ambient Sounds

Adding an original or dramatic transition to your docu-series or personal work is easy with these 3 unique ambient sound effects. If you want to create refreshing projects, do not avoid this pack!

Free Ambient Sounds Download

7. Powerful Cinematic Transitions

Powerful echoes, impactful booms, and cinematic roars make this pack of royalty-free sound effects perfect for any project. Use these audio clips to make your science fiction movie trailers sound incredible.

Download Powerful Cinematic Transitions Now

8. 15 Boom Hits

These versatile booms and hits will be a great accompaniment for your animations. Time them perfectly with your animated text and transitions to lift the quality of your projects. There are 15 hits to choose from and they’re all absolutely free.

Download 15 Boom Hits Now

9. Camera Flash

If you’re transitioning through a series of still images or polaroids, a camera flash and shutter sound effect can help bring the sequence to life. There are four to choose from in any projects you like, whether you’re making a short film, a corporate video, or anything in between.

Download Camera Flash Now

10. Epic Trailer Sound Effects

These sound effects are perfect for Hollywood-style movie trailers. Epic hits and risers for transitions and emotional beats. There’s a great mix of genres in here too, from science fiction to horror. Choose from nine high-quality audio clips in this WAV file.

Download Epic Trailer Sound Effects Now

11. Whoosh Impact Transition Sound Effect

Looking for cinematic, impactful, exciting whooshes and impacts for your movie trailer? Boom. Here are eight of the best. Pick your favorites and bring your video projects to life. This royalty-free WAV file is just waiting to be downloaded.

Download Whoosh Impact Transition Sound Effect Now

12. TV Glitch Noise Transitions Pack

If you have a glitch effect transition, some static, or a VHS-style retro graphic, these are the perfect sound effects to use. Line them up with a footage transition or animated graphic for instant results. There are 10 to choose from in this folder.

Download TV Glitch Noise Transitions Pack Now

13. Air Swoosh

Lightning-fast animated text or graphics? These air swoosh sound effects will bring some immediate life to your project. The futuristic sounds would go great with any science fiction-themed video content.

Download Air Swoosh Now

14. Glitch Intro Transition

This is a pack of digital noise sound effects that will bring you straight into the future. The unusual audio cuts and error noises work well with sci-fi-themed graphics and glitch transitions.

Download Glitch Intro Transition Now

15. Digital Glitch Transitions Pack

The possibilities for using these glitch transition sound effects are endless. Logo reveals animated graphics, glitch transitions, creepy atmospheric sound effects – the list goes on. Spice up your projects with some or all of the 10 digital interference sound effects in this pack.

Download Digital Glitch Transitions Pack Now

16. Cinematic Whoosh Transitions Pack

Movie trailers, video game trailers, animated explainers, documentaries – what can’t you use these cinematic whoosh transitions for? These 10 sound effects have a pretty intense atmosphere that makes them great for hard-hitting cinematic projects.

Download Cinematic Whoosh Transitions Pack Now

17. YouTube Transitions Sound Effects

This is a wide variety of fun sound effects for your YouTube content. Each transition has a totally different style and would be great for adding animated moments to your videos. Encourage your viewers to subscribe with sound effects that would match animations perfectly.

Download YouTube Transitions Sound Effects Now

18. Futuristic Transitions Sound Effects

If you’re making any space-themed content, try using these futuristic transitions sound effects. Whether you’re making a video game, movie trailer, promo or even want to add something into your music or podcasts, you’ll find something in this pack of four audio clips.

Download Futuristic Transitions Sound Effects Now

19. Percussion Transition

The three percussion files in this pack are more than just transition sound effects. These can be used to bring to life creaky doors and floorboards in horror films, add some percussion to your music, or add fun to your presentations.

Download Percussion Transition Now

20. Powerful Designed Transitions

These atmospheric transition sound effects are perfect for adding drama and intrigue to your projects. If you’re making some serious films or horror video games and you want to convey an aura of mystery, these sound effects are perfect. 

Download Powerful Designed Transitions Now

21. Big Transitions

These epic hits will take your movie trailers to the next level. Think Michael Bay levels of Hollywood production to accompany your big moments and high-profile names. Crank these up in a cinema screen for full effect.

Download Big Transitions Now

22. Airy Transition

There are three melodic and fantastical themes to choose from in this pack. The windy, futuristic sounds would work well in promos, game and film trailers, apps, or any other tech projects you need to add futuristic audio to.

Download Airy Transition Now

23. Sword Clink Transitions

Send your videos into battle with these awesome sword-clink transitions. A mixture of forwards and backward audio effects, they would be incredible in any fantasy-themed film trailer. Just the right amount of echoing metal to make your projects stand out.

Download Sword Clink Transitions Now

24. Metal Transition Effect

This pack contains four warped, futuristic metal sounds to add to your transitions. These would work great in any video project, whether you’re making a documentary or need to add some sound effects to animated graphics.

Download Metal Transition Effect Now

25. Whoosh Swoosh Swooshes

There’s a light and airy feeling to these whoosh transition sounds. Add them to animated text, graphics, or comedy films to give your projects a fun and breezy atmosphere.

Download Whoosh Swoosh Swooshes Now

Part 2: How to Use and Apply Transition Sound Effects

Using these sound effects in your own projects is very simple. If you’re editing something in Premiere Pro, first just download the sound effect you like the best. Then it simply works like any other visual or audio asset in Premiere Pro.

  1. Import your chosen file into Premiere Pro by going to Import > File.
  2. Drag the audio file onto the timeline and position it wherever you would like it to be.

But getting the best use out of sound effects is more than just lining it up on the timeline with the footage. There are a few simple tricks to get the most out of your sound design.

Layer Clips

Don’t be afraid to combine more than one sound effect in a sequence. Let’s say you have a timelapse shot of tree roots growing. You can find three perfectly good creaking sound effects, but on their own, they sound kind of flat. Combine all three, however, and you get a much richer, fuller sound.

Look Everywhere

Sound effects come from everywhere. Your phone almost certainly has a microphone app on it, and if not you can download one. So if you don’t have a professional microphone to hand you will always be able to record great sounds you hear when you’re out and about. NASA has a great library filled with audio files in the public domain, so don’t just limit yourself to stock libraries.

Play with Modulation

When you have a sound effect, you don’t need to take it at face value and use it exactly as it is. Try playing around with the settings in Premiere Pro by adding the studio reverb effect and slowing it down to get a totally different sound. You can even reverse sounds to get a dramatic, cinematic effect.

Sound effects are the icing on the cake for many video projects. They can lift transitions and sequences to entirely new levels, adding a professional touch and even affecting how the audience engages with a video on a subliminal level. Sound effects are easy to download and import into Premiere Pro but to get the best results, try and combine them, and even play around with the settings to create entirely new sounds.

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