20 Inspiring & Upbeat Royalty Free Motivational Music for Creatives

Royalty Free Music 19/04/2022 4 min read

Looking to spice up your next social media video? Or perhaps you want to add a little something inspiring to your next short promo or trailer. If that’s the case, you’ll want to find the perfect piece of royalty-free motivational music to add to the project. Check out and download some of our popular 20 picks!

Uplifting Royalty Free Cinematic Motivational Music Tracks

1. Flourishing Motivation

Flourishing Motivation really loves up to its name This royalty-free corporate-friendly track features a combination of bass, drums, strings, pianos, and airy guitars. Its ticking clock feel is a great fit for limited edition promos. 

Download Flourishing Motivation Now

2. Phoenix Rising

If you’re looking for an epic rock track that has a sci-fi feel to it, Phoenix Rising is for you. It features synths, strings, drums, leads, and edgy guitar riffs. While it’s great for motivational videos, it would also fit a fantasy game trailer too.

Download Phoenix Rising Now

3. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate has an acoustic indie vibe to it. This royalty-free country-style track features a dancing acoustic guitar that’s great for nature or travel-themed videos. You could also use it to back your next rom-com!

Download Hot Chocolate Now

4. Positive Motivations

While Positive Motivations is a short track it delivers an uplifting calm feeling. This motivational arrangement features synthesizers and plucked guitars, which make for a great corporate track backing.  

Download Positive Motivations Now

5. By The Hand With You

If you’re looking for some soft, acoustic motivation, By The Hand With You is something you need to listen to. It features a melodic acoustic guitar and percussions, which are great for nature or lifestyle projects. 

Download By The Hand With You Now

6. Inspired By Life

Inspired By Life maintains both an inspirational and sentimental vibe to it. The acoustic guitar has a real folky feel to them, making it a perfect addition to any romance or lifestyle-focused pieces you’re creating.

Download Inspired By Life Now

7. Source Of Energy

Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes, and Source Of Energy makes for a perfect pairing if you’re looking for something with an indie rock vibe. Whether you need to find music for a movie trailer or a YouTube video, it could be the perfect fit.

Download Source Of Energy Now

8. Success Ahead

Success Ahead has a much more airy vibe to it. This piece of motivational background music features a combination of pads, plucks, bass, piano, electric guitar, and drums. You can easily add it to your next travel video or business advertisement.   

Download Success Ahead Now

9. Highway Rock

If you’re looking for motivation that’s both energetic and dynamic, Highway Rock is for you. This rock track has four different edits that feature powerful drums, bass, and catchy guitar riffs.  

Download Highway Rock Now

10. Last Mile

Last Mile is a classic stomp rock track that’s perfect for your next sports promo. It features percussion, drums, and powerful electric guitars. It’s great for any active video from surfing to motorcycles. 

Download Last Mile Now

11. Day X

Day X is an inspiring and calm track that’s a perfect fit for a little pick-me-up. Whether you want motivational music for studying or you need a track for a project, the deep piano, strings, plucks, guitars, and steady beats are sure to impress. 

Download Day X Now

12. Wind Of Change

Cinematic motivation is in a whole different world itself, and Wind Of Change articulates it perfectly. This track features strings and percussion, backed by other orchestral instruments. Whether you’re looking to highlight a hero or do some killer marketing, this track is for you.

Download Wind Of Change Now

13. Underground Crow

Underground Crow puts a powerful, groovy spin on motivation. With EDM leads, choppy vocal samples, punchy beats, and deep synth bass, this royalty-free deep trap track might be the perfect fit.  

Download Underground Crow Now

14. Feel The Vibe

Sometimes indie pop-rock is the best choice for inspiring, motivational music. Feel The Vibe features synths, electric guitars, drums, bass, and indie backing vocals that are perfect for your next uplifting project. 

Download Feel The Vibe Now

15. Elevator On Hold

Elevators probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word motivation, but Elevator On Hold is out to prove you wrong. This royalty-free Bossa-nova track is perfect for scenes where you want to put an inspiring twist on a classic elevator ride scene. 

Download Elevator On Hold Now

16. Happy Way

Happy Way is a calm, upbeat track filled with percussion, pads, acoustic guitar, keys, and plucked synths. Whether you’re looking to liven up your next travel project or you want to make your presentation a little more creative, it can absolutely deliver. 

Download Happy Way Now

17. Time To Have Some Fun

For something cool and energetic with an indie rock vibe, there’s Time To Have Some Fun. This cool track features bass, drums, guitars, and background vocals. It’s the perfect fit for your next promotional montage.

Download Time To Have Some Fun Now

18. No Limits

No Limits is fast and rhythmic. This upbeat track features synth, SFX, and percussion elements that make it perfect for your next sporting, fashion, or lifestyle project.  

Download No Limits Now

19. Unforgettable Journey

Looking for uplifting pop? Unforgettable Journey is a great poppy track that’s perfect for your next travel or fashion promo. It gives off a bright, positive, and carefree mood that can fit perfectly with your next social media promo. 

Download Unforgettable Journey Now

20. Smoky Dance Floor

Bright and groovy, Smoky Dance Floor is some of the best motivational music out there for creatives. This royalty-free track features bouncy synths, pulsing beats, and tropical house grooves that are great for travel.

Download Smoky Dance Floor Now

Whether you’re looking for something rocky and powerful, or calm and graceful, there’s a piece of royalty-free motivational music out there for you. But inspirational music isn’t the only thing you can find on Motion Array. You’ll find thousands of royalty-free tracks that are perfect for your next project.

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