10 Alarming & Strong Police Siren Sound Effects for Film Editors

Royalty Free Music 28/07/2022 3 min read

Nowadays, sirens are considered the first sign of impending danger, as much as sending warning signals to alert the public. In movies, they enhance the scene and drive the audience to take notice and be ready for the next action or horror scene. Using police siren sound effects also helps deliver information and evoke an emotional response. Take a look at our selection of top police siren sounds to add to your short film or social media video projects.

1. Police Siren

Intense and powerful, this set of 4 police siren sound effects is a perfect match for police/ambulance/firefighter sirens in your movies. Quickly drop them onto your timeline when editing your next animations, fast chases, robbery scenes, or emergencies. 

Download Police Siren Now

2. Police Siren SFX

Breathe more life into your next action scenes with this useful set of 4 police siren sound effects, including longer and shorter versions. Import them and add them as ambient background sounds for motorcycle or car accidents. 

Download Police Siren SFX Now

3. Police Siren Inside And Outside

Some chase scenes will feature sections that require a specific set of sounds. The Police Siren Inside And Outside is a great pack of 3 police siren sound effects focusing on slightly muffled internal siren sounds or a car chase passing by. It fits right in when you need a background sound for police radio conversations.

Download Rain Background Noise Now

4. Police Operation

Some scenes require the whole police task force. With helicopter sounds, dogs and radio communications, this pack will make your emergency scenes more realistic and intense!

Download Police Operation Now

5. City Traffic With Ambulance And Police

If you have a scene with a lot of movement and action, this pack of 9 loud sirens in the city will mix well with various film genres. From action to thriller films, create an intense scene and build your character’s story with these alarmingly real sounds effect.

Download City Traffic With Ambulance And Police Now

6. Ambulance And Police Siren

Featuring loud police sirens, combined with the sounds of emergency vehicles, this pack creates a complete accident scene. With 4 different versions, you can mix any sound to depict different vehicles approaching and create additional realistic ambient detail.

Download Ambulance And Police Siren Now

7. Siren Pack

This is a more classic siren sound effects pack, featuring 7 different short versions that can be used in many police and ambulance emergency scenes. These amazing sounds suit your movies, trailers, video games and animations. You can even use them as a transition in your podcasts! 

Download Siren Pack Now

8. Siren SFX Pack

This pack of 5 wailing siren sound effects will add alarming intensity to your accident or crash scenes as emergency help arrives. Definitely, a must-have in your editing arsenal to help you create more authentic scenes that enhance the production quality. 

Download Siren SFX Pack Now

9. Ambulance And Police Sirens R To L

Filled with siren sounds and a city atmosphere, the Ambulance And Police Sirens R To L is a great pack of 4 police sounds. Add magnificent ambiance to your video games, animations and documentaries.

Download Ambulance And Police Sirens R To L Now

10. Police City Ambiance

Add unique background sounds of cars and police sirens wailing to your scenes with authentic police radio chatter. Using this longer ambient sound effect, you can cut and edit the soundtrack in different sections to amplify cinematic openers, trailers, and action teasers.

Download Police City Ambiance Now

Show your audience what to see and feel using sirens in your scene. From an intense horror scene that will either end well or go horribly wrong to a classic action scene where the thief is chased around back streets by the police. Royalty-free sound effects are a great way to enhance and make your film feel more realistic. So download these popular selections and get to editing your next short film like a pro! 

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