Top 18 Photo Animators to Bring Your Images to Life

Video Effects 17/05/2021 4 min read

If you are creating video projects using a lot of still images, you will continuously be looking for ways to make the media more engaging. Adding a pan or zoom to a still photo is a simple way to add movement, but with the range of incredible Photo Animator plugins available, there are far more exciting things you can do. 

Part 1: 18 Photo Animator Templates to Use Today

1. 3D Motion Photo Animator

The 3D Motion Photo Animator allows you to split landscape shots into various panels depending on the distance from the camera. The plugin then adds a soft parallax movement to the layers, creating a beautiful 3D effect. The tool kit also comes with a range of lens flare and weather effect options.

Download 3D Motion Photo Animator Now 

2. 3D Photo Animator

This preset pack allows you to create parallax motion effects from your still photos. Easily add depth and 3D perspective to bring your photos to life!

Download 3D Photo Animator Now

3. Live Photo Animation

The Live Photo Animation plugin gives you the ability to mask a subject and keyframe various natural movements. The Subject and Background then work independently of one another, allow cool 3D tracking and zooming effects.

4. Easy 3D Face Photo Animator

The problem with photos of people is that even with a good panning motion, the people will still look flat. The Easy 3D Face Photo Animator solves this problem and, through various panels, reproduces the effect of a video camera tracking around the subject’s face.

Download 3D Face Photo Animator Now 

5. Live Photo Animator

The Live Photo Animator allows you to create stunning video images from action photos. The plugin works by duplicating action elements in the picture, such as dust, water, or fire, and giving them soft motion across the image.

Download Live Photo Animator Now 

6. Photo Animator Tool

This Photo Animator Tool Kit is a great time saver for all your zooming and panning photo effects. The pack contains 50 preset animations for you to drag and drop to your images, for instant motion.

Download Photo Animator Tool Now

7. Media Animator

The Media Animator is a set of smooth and dynamically animated media transitions, perfect for building photo slideshows and presentations. The eight unique slide panel transitions are eye-catching and sure to impress your clients.

Download Media Animator Now 

8. 3D Photo Animator

The 3D Photo Animator is the perfect way to add a touch of flair to simple photos. When you zoom in on a still image, the perspective and focus make it feel entirely 3D!

Download 3D Photo Animator Now 

9. Particular Photo Animation

This awesome template project provides a unique and stylish way of creating photo slideshows and presentations. The image framings give the impression of a photo album, but it is the particle movement generated from the photos that make this template stand out.

Download Particular Photo Animation Now 

10. Puzzle Media Animator

The Puzzle Media Animator creates a unique jigsaw effect to your photo transitions. The stunning and smooth animation divides your images and slides the panels in various directions.

Download Puzzle Media Animator Now 

11. 3D Photo Kit

The 3D Photo Kit allows you to turn still images into incredible zooming 3D photos, with full Parallax and depth of focus effect. The plugin works best with images that are easily divided into different focal planes, such as landscapes or architectural photos.

Download 3D Photo Kit Now 

12. Photo Typo Animation

The Photo Typo Tool kit is a modern and fun photo slideshow with dynamic text animations. The framed images allow for other Photo Animation effects to work for, while the template does all that hard motion graphics work.

Download Photo Typo Animation Now 

13. Fast Photo Intro

The Fast Photo Intro is the perfect opener for any photography, art, or fashion-focused videos. The template includes 11 media placeholders to continuously move between your images, with a unique honeycomb transition.

Download Fast Photo Intro Now 

14. Photorama

Photorama is an incredibly fresh and versatile template, that can work for a range of video types. Rather than animating the elements in your photos, the template creates a stop motion slideshow, like you are taking pictures of your photos.

Download Photorama Now 

15. 3D Photo Tool

Easily turn still lifeless images into dynamic looking 3D animations! With its intelligent custom controller, you can use it on all styles of images. Breathe life back into your travel, vacation, or portfolio photos.

Download 3D Photo Tool Now

16. Portrait-Rito Slideshow

Create a fresh artistic photo animation to your still images and make a modern portfolio slideshow. Impress your audience with this dynamically animated photo face animator.

Download Portrait-Rito Slideshow Now

17. 3D Motion Presets

Apply this unique preset motion pack directly to your media files and add easily smooth movement to your still images! A great way to enhance the look and feel of your presentations and slideshows.

Download 3D Motion Presets Now

18. 3D Face Animator

Easily create fresh eye-catching 3D portraits and bring life to the scenes of your subjects. With its user-friendly interface you can now make your own realistic photo animations!

Download 3D Face Animator Now

Part 2: How to Install and Apply Photo Animator Templates

If your chosen download is an AEP or Prproj file, you can simply double-click to open the file. If your download is a Prfpset file, you will need to follow the install steps below.

Step 1: Installing your Prfpset file

  1. Open up Premiere and start a New Project.
  2. Navigate to the Effects Tab and then the Effects Panel.
  3. Click the More Options button and select Import Presets.
  4. Select the Preset file from your download, and click Open. You can now search for your new Presets in the Effects Control Panel.

Step 2: Using your Presets

Your new Presets will work in precisely the same way as any built-in effect; just drag and drop.

  1. Add your image to the Timeline, resize and position it to your preference.
  2. Drag the end of your photo to make sure it is the correct length.
  3. Search for your effects in the Effects Panel.
  4. Drag and Drop the effect to your image. 
  5. Select the image in the Timeline and go to the Effects Control Panel. Make adjustments to the effect until you are happy with the look.
  6. Render your sequence to see the effect at full speed.

If you are creating content using still images, whether it be a full-scale documentary or a wedding photo slideshow, Photo Animation is a must. As you can see, Photo Animators are a great way of turning your still pictures into an exciting and unique moving image, helping keep your viewer interested and focused on your message.