Top 26 Realistic Rain Overlay Video Effects & Templates for Filmmakers

Video Effects 19/05/2022 5 min read

Weather can really set a real mood, but you can’t always capture it on camera the way you want to. That’s where a rain overlay comes in, you can throw one of these over your own footage. Add some purposeful water to your next project and wow your audience.

Part 1: Top 20 Rain Overlays for Video Editors & Creators

1. Rain Streaks Overlay

If you’re looking for endless rain, Rain Streaks is for you. This weather overlay sees a steady stream of long raindrops falling against a black background.

Download Rain Streaks Overlay Now

2. Rain Drops Speed Ramp Background

For a little bit more of a cartoon vibe, Rain Drops Speed Ramp Background is an excellent pick. It features bubble-like raindrops that fall towards the camera fast and then transitions into slow motion. 

Download Rain Drops Speed Ramp Background Now

3. Pre-rendered Rain Overlay Effect

Pre-rendered Rain Overlay Effect is a drag-and-drop asset that almost any video creator can easily use. It features a stream of light-but-steady rain that adds a whole level of dynamics to your project.

Download Pre-rendered Rain Overlay Effect Now

4. Rain Overlay Effect 

If you want something a little more visually identifiable, the Rain Overlay Effect features easy-to-identify streaks of rain that fall at a steady rate.

Download Rain Overlay Effect Now

5. Rain Drops 01

Rain Drops 01 is similar to Rain Drops Speed Ramp Background but features an angled drop. These cartoon-style droplets are big and bubbly, and easy to see!

Download Rain Drops 01 Now

6. Rain Drops FX

If you’re looking to add a whole rain-drops-against-a-window visual, then Rain Drops FX is for you. It features a slightly-steamy window with drops falling against it. It’s drag-and-drop making it a piece of cake to use!

Download Rain Drops FX Now

7. Rain Drops

Looking for simulated raindrops sliding across glass? Rain Drops is the rain overlay for you. It features a collection of overlay choices for you to add to your next film project. 

Download Rain Drops Now

8. Rain Overlay Right Version

Looking for some angled rain? Rain Overlay Right Version is a stock motion graphics pack that provides 4 different designs that fall from left to right. It’s easy to add to your next video project and looks fantastic.

Download Rain Overlay Right Version Now

9. Some Effects – Rain, Snow, Smoke

Looking for a multi-effects pack? Some Effects – Rain, Snow, Smoke features rain, snow, and smoke (go figure) that you can slide right into your next Premiere Pro project. Liven up the screen with a little weather effect.

Download Some Effects – Rain, Snow, Smoke Now

10. Heavy Rainfall On Alpha

Not all rainfall is light and romantic, some scenes require something a little more heavy-duty. Heavy Rainfall On Alpha delivers just that. There’s heavy rainfall against a transparent background.

Download Heavy Rainfall On Alpha Now

11. Rain Drops 03

The Rain Drops 03 overlay has big, speeding, bubble drops that slow down to an almost frozen state. You can use it alone, or you can pair it with your own footage. It’s a little more abstract than realistic but will make a stellar effect. 

Download Rain Drops 03 Now

12. Drops

Drops is a short clip that features big round rain that slowly falls down the shot. It’s easy to drop into your next project, whether it’s something corporate, a vlog, or a presentation. 

Download Drops Now

13. Falling Rain Looping Background

Falling Rain Looping Background delivers exactly what it promises in the title. It provides a steady stream of falling rain at a slight angle. It’s easy to slip right into your next project! 

Download Falling Rain Looping Background Now

14. Rain

Rain is the perfect effects overlay if you want a thick, heavy, falling rain. It features frequent and quick long droplets sliding by over a black background.  

Download Rain Now

15. Raining

Have a from-the-ground shot that you need to add a little rain to? Raining gives you a look-up view of droplets falling from the sky. It’s easy to use and can add a whole host of personality to your project.

Download Raining Now

16. Rain & Snow Overlay Pack

Need a little snow with your rain? That’s where the Rain & Snow Overlay Pack comes in. This stock motion graphics effect pack features 8 rain, 5 ground splash, and 6 snow overlays. Add some realistic weather to your show!

Download Rain & Snow Overlay Pack Now

17. Rain Overlay Pack

Rain Overlay Pack features three sets of rain effects that are perfect to drop over your next piece of footage. You can drag-and-drop any of the three—rain with mist, splashback, or rain in the front.

Download Rain Overlay Pack Now

18. Rain Falling
Rain Falling features long liquid particles that fall over a black background. It’s easy to add to your next project and will add a little rainy glow to your next project. Thrill your viewers and take your project up a notch.  

Download Rain Falling Now

19. Gold Rain Pack

If you’re looking for long, gorgeous streaks of rain, the Gold Rain Pack is for you. It features two sets of golden rain that are easy to lay over whatever footage you’re using for your next project.

Download Gold Rain Pack Now

20. Rain On Glass Presets Pack

The Rain On Glass Presets Pack features three different scenes of rain sliding down a glass panel. This 4K footage is the perfect weather addition for your next project, regardless of whether you need a light rain or something a little heavier.

Download Rain On Glass Presets Pack Now

Part 2: 6 Impressive Rain Effect Templates for Creatives

1. Rain Cinematic Logo

Your logo deserves a waterly welcome, and that’s where Rain Cinematic Logo comes in. It features a dynamically animated template built for After Effects that can be easily tailored to your next project. 

Download Rain Cinematic Logo Now

2. Drips Title & Logo Reveal

Drips Title & Logo Reveal features a slow logo review against a window with droplets sliding down. It has a little more of a serious vibe to it, meaning it’s a great pairing for something a tad bit more dramatic.

Download Drips Title & Logo Reveal Now

3. Rain Neon Music Visualizer

If you find yourself making a music video, or simply in need of a music visualizer, Rain Neon Music Visualizer is for you. It features 1 media placeholder, and 2 editable text layers so you can really make it your own. 

Download Rain Neon Music Visualizer Now

4. 3d Motion Rain

Easy to use, 3d Motion Rain is made to provide stunning visuals. You don’t need any plugins to use this After Effects template, you simply add your media and go!

Download 3d Motion Rain Now

5. The Stormy Opener

Ready to make a splash? The Stormy Opener is here to help. It’s perfect for everything from film teasers and trailers, to high-quality presentations. There is one logo, and two placeholders, so you can make it your own.

Download The Stormy Opener Now

6. Rainy Titles

Need something powerful and unique? Check out Rainy Tales. You can change the text, color, tracking, and scale, making it completely customizable and perfect to add to your projects. 

Download Rainy Titles Now

From smoothly backing a romantic scene to set the mood for a thrilling ride, ran can really add something to the picture. Need to add a different kind of weather into your film? Motion Array has hundreds of royalty-free assets that you can add to your next project to give it a real professional edge. Check out amazing resources, such as bokeh overlays, star overlays, light leak overlays, dust overlays, and even smoke overlays