22 Modern Text Message Effects for Video & Film

Video Effects 12/04/2019 4 min read

One of the most fascinating aspects of the film industry is the speed in which technology, technique, and visual effects change. The professionals have the time and money to spend on the cutting edge, but for the rest of us, it can be more difficult to stay ahead of the curve. A family of top effects that you may have seen are text message effects.

The TV show Sherlock includes some of the best uses of these effects. The two main characters communicate lots of things over texts. Instead of over-the-shoulder shots or other views of their phone screens (and the texts there), the viewers are treated to small, pop-up segments of text above Sherlock or John’s phone, face, hand, or another framing device.

Here at Motion Array, we’ve put together 22 modern text message templates to display the words you want to communicate to the very best of their potential. You can now use these polished on-screen text message effects to make conversations more engaging. Now, time to check out these great Premiere Pro, After Effects, and motion graphics templates!

Top Text Message Generator Templates

1. Text Messages

Let’s start with a simple text message conversation. This effect can be either a full-screen overlay or a smaller lower-thirds setup — whatever suits your needs best. Six different types of styles are included and can be customized to your specifications.

Download Text Messages Now

2. Text Messages Pack for Premiere Pro

Messages aren’t just reserved for phone conversations. This pack reflects that with 25 different text bubbles and styles that are great to display support chats or messengers! No plugins are required to use these text message effects!

Download Text Messages Pack for Premiere Pro Now

3. Text Messages For Premiere Pro

Would you like to show multiple people texting or having conversations when they are out and about? These text message effects float effortlessly above the crowd and communicate to your audience what exactly is going on. You’ll find 6 styles of messaging including iOS options available in this package.  

Download Text Messages For Premiere Pro Now

4. iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram

Sometimes, a very specific text message appearance is needed. That’s what this iMessage template offers you! The very simple overlay shows an iPhone with text messaging popping up with the messages of your choice.

Download iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram Now

5. Messages and Icons

Check out this drag and drop messages and icons pack. Available in 4k and Full HD, you can use the existing messages or create your own in less time than ever before.

Download Messages and Icons Now

6. Message Titles

Sometimes, simple is best. This overlay offers text bubbles and avatars to create a fast and easy illustration of a text conversation.  

Download Message Titles Now

7. Text Message Kit With Voice

Another variation of this effect, these text messages appear on a plain white screen — and can include voice recordings! This is a fun twist on a simple effect that could be perfect for your needs.

Download Text Message Kit With Voice Now

8. Text Message Kit

Clean, sleek text box options meet sharp animations and a transparent overlay in this text-messaging kit. Up your video game today with this easy-to-use template that requires no plugins to use!

Download Text Message Kit Now

9. Text Message Pack

Sometimes, you need options and this package delivers. Check out the 42 editable text layers, the 5 unique designs, and the 40 placeholder styles to find the very best fit for you!

Download Text Message Pack Now

10. Text Messages and Mockups

It’s the little things that matter sometimes, and this package understands the little things that make your videos great. Text messages, mockups, and emojis are all bundled up to meet your needs right here. Perfect for highlighting social media conversations.

Download Text Messages and Mockups Now

11. Text Messages v2.0

While these all might look the same after a bit, this is not another simple text message package. It is another option for your consideration, with 8 different styles and an easy overlay template.

Download Text Messages v2.0 Now

12. Text Messages

For those of us who would like a little extra flexibility, this template offers scale and color controls over the five different effects available. It also works with images and videos so you can use it in almost any way that you please.

Download Text Messages Now

13. Phone Text Messages

Sometimes it’s important to display messages directly on a smartphone. Choose between a black or gold 3D iPhone, and download this clean design with 24 text options and 21 image placeholders.

Download Phone Text Messages Now

14. Clean Text Message Kit / Autoresize

If you want to be able to drag and drop text messages from anywhere on the screen, this effect is for you. No plugins required!

Download Clean Text Message Kit / Autoresize Now

15. Text Message Kit

Sometimes, you want to be able to stick with a line that you know best. For those of you who use Motion Graphics templates, this kit has you covered.

Download Text Message Kit Now

16. Text Messages

If you want a no-fuss, no-frills, just function experience, this motion graphics template is for you.

Download Text Messages Now

17. Multiple SMS Box Kit

If you would like to hand over the power of size to a program, this kit will do just that for you. You’ll also get all of the other features you expect from a text message effects template.

Download Multiple SMS Box Kit Now

18. Text Box Kit Pack

A quick, easy, and fully customizable template is waiting here to serve all your text messaging effect needs.

Download Text Box Kit Pack Now

19. Realistic Smartphones With Text Message

If you would like to show a smartphone with texts on it in your project, this is the template for you.

Download Realistic Smartphones With Text Message Now

20. WhatsApp & Telegram Chat Kit

Use this template to showcase WhatsApp conversations. Easily edit by using intelligent color controllers and resize text boxes to create some eye-catching results.

Download WhatsApp & Telegram Chat Kit Now

21. Speech Bubbles With Reaction Counter

Another effect that does not rely on text, these speech bubbles with counters next to them get your message across quickly and on point.

Download Speech Bubbles With Reaction Counter Now

22. Ultimate Text Message Builder

Create clean and sleek looking text conversations with as many messages as you want! Drop the bubbles with avatar images on any background to make any scene in your videos look more professional.

Download Ultimate Text Message Builder Now

In the world of video and films, it looks like on-screen text message effects are here to stay. Up your game today with these modern and easy to use templates. You’ll be creatively displaying chat bubbles on smartphones and messaging apps in no time! And for access to more cool effects templates, check out this article with loads of freebies!