Make your videos pop with the Motion Array X David Milan collaboration

Introducing Set it Off — an exclusive Motion Array X David Milan template and motion graphics collection. 

About David Milan

David is a Madrid-based illustrator and designer who works in multiple mediums, such as typography and illustration. He loves to work with bright colors and experiment with shapes and textures

We sat down with David to learn more about the colorful and fun collection, his signature style, and his creative journey. Read on to discover more about David’s work and his tips for blending motion and emotion to move your audience.


How did you get into the creative industry? Have you always been interested in art and design?

I’ve liked art for as long as I can remember. I started to get into graffiti in my teenage years, and that’s how I decided to start making letters and get into the world of design. I studied graphic design and started exploring new styles and techniques. 

How did you develop your distinctive style, and do you have any significant influences that have shaped it?

I think it’s very difficult to achieve a distinctive style nowadays. There’s a lot of inspiration everywhere: artists, designers, and illustrators who do incredible things. So, what I do is collect information and inspiration and use that to create something new by combining different styles.

What is it about 3D art that excites you, and do you have your eye on any new trends?

I got into 3D art because I wanted to see my work from another perspective and give it life. There’s so much to learn and explore in the 3D world, which makes it really exciting. 

3D is really fun because you can do what you want and see it from another point of view, compared to just lines or flat figures. 

I think it’s more than a style. It’s a whole other kind of creativity. That’s why I do both 2D and 3D styles, and then I play around and see how I can combine both concepts.

There are loads of trends right now, but the one that I see the most on mood boards, briefs, or the internet is the concept of 80s and 90s-style groovy inflated letters. 

I love to work with lettering and typography and include them in my artwork. 

When it comes to typography, you have said you like to escape the concept of perfection — what does that mean to you?

There’s an industry convention, and I’ve always thought that lettering or typography had to follow a line or rules like grids or measurements to look perfect. I’ve moved away from these rules as I’ve developed my craft. Instead, I like to play with the imperfect to make it “perfect” for me. 

I believe that something that comes out spontaneously comes out better. I usually play with different sizes, textures, and colors in my work without following a straight line. I just do what comes to mind at the moment.

The Set it Off collection

What drew you to partner with Motion Array?

I saw it as a very fun project, and for me, that’s very important. Having fun when doing a project is the best feeling for a creative. The best thing is that I had complete freedom when working on this without following a brief. Motion Array is a platform that works with creative people, and I’m happy that these people can see my work, and if they like it, they can use it for their projects. 

I’ve used Motion Array myself a couple of times for sound effects and some effects in animations. The templates are very useful and save you a lot of time when doing a project, and you also have so many options with different styles. It’s really, really useful!

What was the inspiration behind your Motion Array template?

Since last year, I’ve been playing with a fun visual concept where I take imperfect shapes and figures and play with sizes and colors to achieve a good composition. So, when it came to designing a template for Motion Array, I knew I wanted to incorporate my experimentation.

I like to use vibrant colors and patterns with abstract strokes. Then, I entered the world of animation and gave life to my illustrations. It’s not an easy thing. There’s a whole world in animation. I’m still learning a lot, and I’m still improving my skills in this space.

How do you feel about seeing your template on Motion Array and being used by other creators?

It’s a great honor and a goal achievement. Seeing other creators and my peers use my work inside their own or as a source of inspiration means that I’m doing things right and should continue. I’m looking forward to seeing my template in the work of creative people. I will be VERY happy to see it!! 

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring 3D artists?

I think there’s no better advice than to say to be consistent. Keep exploring and trying new things. It’s not easy, and not giving up is one of the biggest challenges. There’s a lot to learn out there — be inspired by great artists so people can later be inspired by you. 

Don’t try to be the best because it’s not a competition. The key is to create something and show it to the world.

Check out the Set it Off collection and take your videos from good to the best with David’s original, bold, and inspiring assets.