The Best Instagram Birthday Story Templates for 2022

Birthdays are a fantastic opportunity to create engaging content for social media. Whether it is your birthday or that of a loved one, capturing the event is essential, and Birthday Instagram Story templates can save you time and energy editing. Motion Array has a ton of celebratory templates available for After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro, so sit back and check out our top 5 choices for each.

After Effects

One of the most significant benefits of After Effects Templates is that everything is customizable. After Effects Birthday Templates’ modular structure allows you to add various elements to create longer videos.

1. 24 Instagram Stories B-Day

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The Instagram Stories B-Day pack includes 24 bright and fun designs, ideal for invitations, highlights reels, and greetings messages. The bold color palette and cute graphical birthday flourishes add a summery feel.

2. Happy Birthday Stories

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The Happy Birthday Stories pack includes 5 beautifully designed videos with 1 media and 2 title placeholders in each story. The light design with fun presents and confetti flourishes give a greeting card feel, perfect for any celebration.

3. Baby Birthday Stories

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The Baby Birthday Stories set includes 5 cute and fun designs, ideal for birth announcements, gender reveals, and naming celebrations. The card-style designs offer media placeholders for your photos and video and are also available for Premiere Pro.

4. Instagram Birthday Party Stories

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The Instagram Birthday Party Stories pack includes 12 stunning designs with full-screen typography and cartoon animations. The set has no media placeholders, making it ideal for invitations and birthday messages.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Templates might be a little less customizable than After Effects, but there are still plenty of options to play with. As a Premiere editor, these birthday Instagram Story templates can be handy for far more than birthday messages.

5. Colorful Pro Stories

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The Colorful Pro Stories pack includes 6 bold, versatile designs that could be used for anything from sales messages to birthday greetings. The bright color palette and fun graphical flourishes give 90’s retro vibes.

6. Magic Instagram

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The Magic Instagram Pack includes 15 stunning designs with a modern, clean look. The bold headings and clear paragraph titles give plenty of space for messaging, ideal for customizing to suit your needs.

7. Modern Stories Pack

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The Modern Stories Pack includes 6 grungy-looking designs with a bold color palette and glitchy animation. While not specifically birthday-themed, the neon tones are ideal for party and event announcements.

8. Retro Review Social Media Opener

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The Retro Review Social Media Opener Pack includes 16 scenes that can be used individually or together to create longer videos. The bright, colorful flourishes and clean backgrounds are ideal for highlight reels or your celebration.

9. Happy Birthday Collection

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The Happy Birthday Collection includes 6 full-screen titles, 16 animated elements, and 6 backgrounds, which are ideal for creating your own Birthday Stories. The elements include stunning minimal-style cakes, confetti, champagne, and balloons.

Final Cut

Final Cut Pro templates are fantastic for editors that don’t have or can’t be bothered to learn Apple Motion. The easy inspector makes adding your media and titles a piece of (birthday) cake. Check out these excellent birthday Instagram Story templates for FCPX users.

10. Kids Scenes and Stories

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The Kids Scenes and Stories template includes horizontal and vertical formats in a modular design, ideal for creating longer highlight reels or promos for your party business. In addition, the design uses small media placeholders giving plenty of room to clean title elements and scribble shape flourishes.

11. Instagram Stories

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The Instagram Stories pack includes 12 designs intended for business promotions and sales messages. The clean and minimal design makes them incredibly easy to customize; add a few festive stickers for a modern birthday greeting.

12. Brush Stories

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The Brush Stories pack contains 10 artistic designs with a unique paintbrush-style title background. The smooth and dynamic animation is ideal for classy and sophisticated events and parties.

13. 5 Event Instagram Stories

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The 5 Event Instagram Stories set is ideal for promoting any event, from live music to birthday parties. The gradient color palette gives the feel of neon club lights, while the minimal title placeholders are ideal for short, punchy messaging.

14. Pop Social Posts

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The Pop Social Posts pack contains a massive 50 templates, each in horizontal, verticle, and square formats. The bright and bold designs are ideal for celebration events, party announcements, and invitations.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Templates are still relatively new, but they’re becoming increasingly popular as the packs become more available to download. If you’re a DaVinci editor, you don’t need to miss out on any birthday template fun.

15. Kids Party Slideshow

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The Kids Party Slideshow pack offers both horizontal and vertical options for your video project. The bright and bold design is ideal for kids’ parties, events, and invitations. In addition, the template offers plenty of media and title placeholders for long or short messages.

16. Animated Party Stickers

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17. Geometric Stories

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The Geometric Stories pack includes 8 beautiful designs for business sales messages and promos. However, with a bit of customization to the image and title placeholders, you can quickly create stunning birthday greetings messages with a few clicks.

18. Aesthetic Colorful Slideshow

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The Aesthetic Colorful Slideshow offers horizontal and vertical formats, ideal for sharing across social media platforms. The designs are minimalist with a beautiful color palette and fun hand-drawn heart flourishes.

19. Text Stories

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Text Stories is a collection of 10 creative and fun templates with cool cartoon transitions which can be used individually or together for longer videos. The short messaging and bright color palettes make this set ideal for birthday shout-outs.

Templates can be a lot of fun to use; not only can they save you time in the edit, but you can also create compositions far beyond your skill set. If you’ve never used templates before, don’t worry, we have plenty of walkthroughs to show you how. If you’re looking for more fun Instagram Stories templates, check out this list of 18 Typography titles for social media videos.

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