Most Useful Video Game Sound Effects That Are Actually Good

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You can build the perfect game but if it isn’t paired with the perfect game sound effects it’s not going to be the best. Sound can really make or break an experience, so you need to add something that stands out while blending in. We’ve tried to make that experience a tad bit easier by collecting some of our favorite 24 game sound effects.

Part 1: The Best List of Game Sound Effects

1. Futuristic Weapon Shot

The Futuristic Weapon Shot sound effect pack features 10 variations of electronic-sounding guns going off. This sound effect makes for a great addition to your sci-fi or fantasy game.

Download Futuristic Weapon Shot Now

2. Technology Beeping

With three different variations, Technology Beeping is the perfect futuristic science sound to add to your next game. It comes with 3 short versions so you can find the perfect fit. 

Download Technology Beeping Now

3. Boosted Magic Jumps

Boosted Magic Jumps has a sci-fi sound reminiscent of a boost or power-up. Whether you’re building the next mobile game or want to add some fun to your cartoon, this is bound to add a little audible color.

Download Boosted Magic Jumps Now

4. Game Bonus Sequence

Game Bonus Sequence sounds like coin collecting or a power-up. It would make for an excellent addition to your mobile game or online casino app.

Download Game Bonus Sequence Now

5. Level Completed

With 5 sound variations, Level Complete provides a short but sweet sound effect to indicate that you’re done working on a particular level or screen. The variations are all different and range between 2 and 4 seconds long.

Download Level Completed Now

6. Video Game Health Sound Effects

Made with unique synth elements, Video Game Health Sound Effects features 5 different sound variations. This short crescendo is perfect for your game or app development.   

Download Video Game Health Sound Effects Now

7. Medieval Game Alerts

If you’re making a fantasy game that takes place in another world, you’ll want to check out the Medieval Game Alerts. Featuring 5 short harp melodies, it’s the perfect alert to add to your project.

Download Medieval Game Alerts Now

8. Totalling Gaining

The Totalling Gaining features 4 different synth base counters that will make an excellent addition to your project. This is the ideal video game sound effects download if you’re looking for something that adds or counts points. 

Download Totalling Gaining Now

9. Reaching Milestones – Game

The Reaching Milestones – Game features 5 different video game achievement sounds. All made with a light synth, these could make for great alerts when plays reach important milestones in your game.

Download Reaching Milestones – Game Now

10. Chiptunes Notification

There are 10 different choices in the Chiptunes Notification pack to choose from. Each lasting for a mere second, these sound effects are reminiscent of vintage arcade games — perfect if you’re building something with a throwback concept.

Download Chiptunes Notification Now

11. Video Game Fail Wrong Answer

Video Game Fail Wrong Answer features 3 different wrong answer notifications that are perfect for players. With a telling decrescendo, these sound effects will have no problem letting players know they’ve failed. 

Download Video Game Fail Wrong Answer Now

12. Game Over

The Game Over pack features 6 bright and fun sound effects ranging from 1 to 3 seconds a piece. With a heavy synth flavor, these are a great ending notification for a game lost. 

Download Game Over Now

13. Game Achievements Pack

With five different versions ranging from 2 to 4 seconds, these light game sound effects are a great notification alert. Whether you want to indicate another player joining the team or let them know they’ve received a gift, these will help you do it. 

Download Game Achievements Pack Now

14. Flash Games

Flash Games features 28 different sound effects roughly 1 second a piece that is 8-bit inspired. Whether you want to indicate a jump, bounce, or glitch, these are the perfect addition to your project. 

Download Flash Games Now

15. Incorrect Answer Decision

Bright but telling, the Incorrect Answer Decision pack features 4 short sounds ranging from 1 to 2 seconds. Built with synthetic sounds, these effects are easy to add to your gaming project. 

Download Incorrect Answer Decision Now

16. Chain Gun

The Chain Gun sound effect pack features 4 edits that sound like a techie gun blast. If you’re looking for a fast-moving sound effect, this might just be the perfect addition to your project. 

Download Chain Gun Now

17. Assault Rifle Firing And Reloading

Fit for a strategic war game, the Assault Rifle Firing And Reloading sounds exactly like what it says. There are 9 different sound effect choices, from single shots to multi-gun firings. 

Download Assault Rifle Firing And Reloading Now

18. Dinosaur Calls

Dinosaurs are where it’s at! If your game calls for the addition of some Jurassic creatures the Dinosaur Calls pack has 14 different creature calls that range from one to five seconds. 

Download Dinosaur Calls Now

19. Demon Chained

For a horror, fantasy, or supernatural game, Demon Chained is a must-add for your project. There are 10 variations of the sound effects that range from 2 to 4 seconds. 

Download Demon Chained Now

20. 5 Ghostly Possessed Sounds

More spooky sound effects to add to your horror game, the 5 Ghostly Possessed Sounds pack is the perfect collection. Featuring creepy vocals, these sounds are bound to send a chill through your audience.  

Download 5 Ghostly Possessed Sounds Now

21. Power Attacks

Featuring 5 different sci-fi style dynamic attack explosions or weapon blasts, the Power Attacks pack is perfect for game development. These sounds vary from 1 to 3 seconds, so you’re bound to find something that fits.

Download Power Attacks Now

22. Amazing Destruction Attacks

With five cartoon-ish sounds, the Amazing Destruction Attacks pack might just be the perfect addition to your game. Ranging from 2 to 3 seconds, these sound like a collection of synthetic chimes. 

Download Amazing Destruction Attacks Now

23. Military Commander On Radio

If you need garbled radio chatter, the Military Commander On Radio delivers. It features 3 effects from 2 to 3 seconds and makes for a great sound cut-in for your game’s storyline. 

Download Military Commander On Radio Now

24. Punches

For comical slapping and punch sound effects, the Punches pack features 12 variations, 1 second each. Whether you’re adding slapping sounds to a game or cartoon, this collection is a must-have. 

Download Punches Now

Part 2: Common Issues to Avoid When Using Video Game Sound Effects

Sound effects can make your game immersive if they’re done correctly. Too few and they seem accidental but too many and it’s overkill. Adding the right effects to your next game development is crucial, so here are a few quick tips about finding them:

  • Keep it on the theme – If your video game is all cowboys and gunfights and you start adding in sci-fi guns you’re going to throw your audience off.
  • Cool it on the repeats – It’s OK for all the gun blasts to match, likewise having all coin collections with the same beep makes sense, but there’s an art to repetition and you don’t want to overdo it.
  • Don’t mix too much – While you don’t want too many of the same sound, getting a little too creative can hurt your overall theme as well.
  • Get creative – Your game is unique, which means you don’t have to follow everyone else’s rules when it comes to adding sound effects.

Your game sound effects need to add to the overall experience for your audience, which means finding the right ones and adding them in the right places. If you’re looking for the best royalty-free music and sound effects you can add, Motion Array has thousands to choose from. 

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