20 Engaging Royalty Free Music for Podcasts

Royalty Free Music 24/05/2019 6 min read

Podcasting is a popular way to get your message to listeners around the world. Recording and editing a podcast is a skill in and of itself, and something that any keen editor will be able to pick up. As with film content, podcasts can feel a little flat because of a lack of musical components. But you don’t need to spend thousands paying for a well-known music track. There is loads of royalty free music for podcasts available that can have a significant effect on your finished piece.

Podcasts require a range of different types of music accompaniments, including theme songs, intros, background tracks, ad music, transitions for new segments, and ambiance. Fortunately, Motion Array has thousands of great (including some free music options) you can incorporate into your podcast series.

Top Podcast Music Tracks to Download

1. Rocking (FREE)

This free indie rock music track is up-tempo and upbeat. With a driving track feel, filled with electric guitars and a great baseline, this track is perfect for action based podcasts such as sports, travel, video games and many more.

Free Rocking Download

2. Grand Cinematic Logo (FREE)

This free cinematic logo sting is a perfect intro for emotive teasers and trailers in your podcast. The epic bass and strings used in the piece create an uplifting yet serious tone that would be great for any news items.

Free Grand Cinematic Logo Download

3. Electronics Background (FREE)

As the name suggests, this free experimental electronica track is perfect for your podcast backgrounds. The memorable melody makes the ideal base for any podcaster, but not so intrusive it will distract your listeners.

Free Electronics Background Download

4. Bright Light On A Pop Inspiration

This friendly, smile-inspiring opener is guaranteed to start things off on the right foot. Use it to kick off your podcast in a cheerful manner. You can’t go wrong with it!

Download Bright Light On A Pop Inspiration Now

5. Laid Back Hip Hop

Modern piano and a funky drumbeat make this a satisfying mellow composition. When you need something to keep the beat and the chill, this would be perfect.

Download Laid Back Hip Hop Now

6. Broadcast News Opener

The Broadcast News Opener is a perfect addition to your intro music. The pack comes with 4 variants to make editing a little easier.

Download Broadcast News Opener Now

7. ENews

ENews is an energetic track perfect for sports or news based podcast intro or promo. An emotion-inducing melody says, “Listen up!” and a glitchy, futuristic beat makes it ear-catching.

Download ENews Now

8. Training Moments

Training moments would make a great base track for any podcast. It’s old school hip hop feel with deep bass, and harp melody makes it an excellent option for underlying both serious and light-hearted topics.

Download Training Moments Now

9. Upbeat Energetic Hip Hop Style  

This is a fresh and stylish track would be perfect for any tech-based podcasts. Groovy scratching effects and vocals are interspersed throughout making this an upbeat urban tune with plenty of potential.

Download Upbeat Energetic Hip Hop Style Now

10. Hey

Hey is a corporate feeling background track that is both uplifting and professional for modern and dynamic podcast projects. The theme, driven by percussive synthesizers and short snappy vocal arrangements, are perfect for tech and business based podcasts.

Download Hey Now

11. Action Stylish Rock Drive

If you’re looking for a podcast intro or backing track that has action and drive while rocking stylishly, then this is the track for you. The download contains two versions of the track, at different lengths to suit your needs. Distorted guitars, deep bass with some clapping, this song has it all.

Download Action Stylish Rock Drive Now

12. Sultry Waiting Room

This track is perfect background music for an interview or discussion based podcast. A chilled out guitar melody, simple piano, and soft acoustic drums create a sultry and calming track which can help the flow of your more wordy recordings.

Download Sultry Waiting Room Now

13. Bouncy Clicks

This 60-second experimental piece will seem familiar, as it’s inspired by tracks used in promotions, trailers, and walkthroughs by tech giants such as Apple and Google. The soft acoustic drums and marimba create a calming ethereal feel, perfect for tech, travel, and nature-based podcasts.

Download Bouncy Clicks Now

14. Modern Intro

This bright and breezy opener has a distinctly laid-back feel and would make an awesome introduction for your listeners. The easygoing strings, soft bass, and relaxed tempo make it the perfect track for any aspiring podcaster.

Download Modern Intro Now

15. Electronic Pop Promo

Who doesn’t love a bit of electronic pop? This inspiring and uplifting track is perfect for promos and adverts, with a confident and straightforward melody that will seep into your brain and stay there.

Download Electronic Pop Promo Now

16. New Intro

Although this track is a mere 16 seconds long, the happiness that shines through here. The uptempo melody and animated synth pads would be used best as an intro, outro, or transitional piece in any podcast.

Download New Intro Now

17. Neutral Corporate Background Music

The title of this track might make you want to skip it, but if you are producing a business or tech podcast, then this could be exactly the track you need. The upbeat melody and tempo make for an uplifting feel, with a few strings sprinkled throughout for some added inspiration.

Download Neutral Corporate Background Music Now

18. Technology Ambient

Technology Ambient is a relaxed, easy listening track. A kick drum keeps the beat going and is accompanied by smooth synth parts. Use this great option as background music to kick off a spirited interview.

Download Technology Ambient Now

19. Bells, Bells, Everywhere

Created using only bells and glockenspiels, Bells, Bells, Everywhere is an uplifting melodic track that makes a perfect intro. Incorporate this music into insightful content such as news, tech, and wellbeing based podcasts.

Download Bells, Bells, Everywhere Now

20. Energetic Hip Hop And Funk Background

Highly energetic and groovy, a toe-tapping tempo, cheeky vocal elements, and a sax solo make this great for anything needing a dose of energy. As this download comes with many different versions (varying in length), this track isn’t perfect just for intros but can be used as a transitional piece between segments.  

Using Music in Podcasts Legally

There are many different types of licenses for using music in your content. Let’s look at the 4 main types of music license and what they might mean for your work.

Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music refers to the fact you only have to pay once to use the track, generally as many times you like. In some cases, you’ll need to specify the project in which you want to use the song and download an accompanying license.

By paying upfront for the track, you can be more confident in both the technical and performance qualities, compared to the actual free music you can find online. The main benefit of royalty free music is that you don’t have to pay continuing royalties each time your podcast is played.

Rights Based Music

Rights based music includes commercially-released tracks designed to be purchased and listened to in private — so anything in the charts or composed explicitly for films and TV shows — are the most obvious examples.

To use these in your podcast, you would have to pay for a license allowing you to do so, which could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a song by a major artist. Those payments would go to the composer and the copyright owner of the recording. To use rights based music without a license is a criminal offense.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons is a term that refers to the music of which the author sets their own limitations to how it can be used. These fall into 6 different types of license, composed in combinations of 4 conditions placed upon the tracks:

  • Attribution: If you use a piece of music in your podcast, you have to credit the composer.
  • Non-Commercial: You can not put the music into a podcast you want to sell or make money directly from.
  • No Derivative Works: You can not take the track and transform it in such a way that it becomes a ‘new’ piece of music.
  • Share Alike: If you do create a derivative work from the music, you must maintain the same license when disclosed and allow others to do the same.

Public Domain

Public Domain refers to music which has fallen out of copyright, either due to the number of years since the composer’s death, the date of first publication, or creation. Public Domain music can be interpreted, adapted, transformed distributed, or copied freely.

Be careful, however, because this may not apply to a specific recording of a track — the copyright holder and the performer may still exercise rights over it. Instead, the safer option would be to record an original performance of the Public Domain piece and use that instead.

Fortunately, Motion Array has thousands of music tracks perfect for all your podcasting needs, and we only approve royalty free music to make licensing easier for the content creators. Get absorbed and find something that works best for your podcast series!