23 Carefree Royalty Free Ukulele Music Downloads

Royalty Free Music 12/05/2019 4 min read

Impress your clients and elevate the mood of your viewers with joyful royalty free ukulele music!

Ukulele music originated in the Hawaiian islands in the 19th century, inspired by the Portuguese machete. Soon, the upbeat and light-hearted sound captured the heart of the Americans and spread worldwide.

Today, video makers can find hundreds of finger-snapping ukulele tracks online that can be used as feel-good music for their films or provide an upbeat score for video-games, vlogs, YouTube videos, and corporate presentations.

If you’re searching for a carefree ukulele song that will have your viewers smiling, we have compiled a list of 23 royalty free ukulele music tracks for you to check out and find the perfect match for your project.

Top Royalty Free Ukulele Tracks to Download

1. Free Rock Ukulele

Live a Hawaiian vacation in the middle of your everyday life with this dreamy, punk rock track that serves as a catchy melody for corporate events and presentations. Featuring simple piano music coupled with drums and distorted guitars, this is the perfect score to breathe life into any footage.

Free Rock Ukulele Download

2. Free Romantic Ukulele

Enjoy this light melody and use it as a background track for your nature-oriented films or travel vlogs. Featuring piano sounds intermingled with acoustic guitar, cheery bells, and ukulele, this is a happy-go-lucky track that will brighten up your footage. 

Free Romantic Ukulele Download

3. Free So Happy

A happy combination of ukulele, whistles, and claps, use this chirpy and positive track for funny videos, YouTube content, and corporate presentations. 

Free So Happy Download Now

4. Happy Ukulele

A positive and playful track for animations, video games, and other video content for children. Whether you’re making special birthday footage or a commercial video for kids, this optimistic track with ukulele guitar strum, bells, piano, and claps is perfect for it all.

Download Happy Ukulele Now

5. Happy Acoustic Indie Ukulele Folk

This beautiful track features an exceptionally fresh and upbeat indie folk style featuring guitars, bass, drums, percussion, and claps! Use it for presentations, animations, motivational, and corporate projects. 

Download Happy Acoustic Indie Ukulele Folk Now

6. Fast Rock and Roll Ukulele

Fancy classic Rock n Roll music albeit on a ukulele? Use this hip-shaking tune embellished with electric guitars, drums, and elegant piano to energize your commercials, openings, animations, and more!

Download Fast Rock and Roll Ukulele Now

7. Happy Ukulele Day

The ukulele and other instruments lead to a pleasant and inspiring sound. Download this track and use it as the background for your motivational films or YouTube projects. 

Download Happy Ukulele Day Now

8. LoFi Ukulele Hip Hop

Enjoy this rich melody featuring some fast-paced strumming on the ukulele, perfect for elevating the mood of your vlogs in a snap. 

Download LoFi Ukulele Hip Hop Now

9. Children’s Ukulele Song

This upbeat number is an inspiring corporate track that can be used to complement your business presentations, advertisements, and documentaries. The ukulele and xylophone combination is bright and airy and perfect for children’s productions.

Download Children’s Ukulele Song Now

10. Cute Ukulele Folk

Featuring a rhythmic ukulele with a catchy whistling melody, here’s a fun and finger-clicking acoustic track that’s ideal for positive media projects.

Download Cute Ukulele Folk Now

11. Balera

A short Italian track that is quite festive and instantly creates a positive atmosphere that will enhance your videos significantly. The catchy tune is made with a combination of classic instruments including cajón, ukuleles, leading bass lines, and a fabulous 60s organ. 

Download Balera Now

12. Happy Ukulele Background

Are you looking for an upbeat tune to energize a presentation? Use this happy and positive background ukulele music with a catchy melody to make a happy impact on your audience. 

Download Happy Ukulele Background Now

13. Summer Ukulele

Feel a perfect symphony course through your veins as this cheerful track takes over your senses with the sweet sound of happy ukulele, light percussion, and music from a xylophone. Download for any kind of kids-related videos, background for YouTube videos, and advertisements.

Download Summer Ukulele Now

14. Island Reggae Ukulele

Add a hint of summer to your travel vlogs with this light-hearted ukulele track. Featuring lots of percussions and a catchy reggae vibe, use this royalty free track for a breezy impact.

Download Island Reggae Ukulele Now

15. Funny Cute Ukulele

Here’s a happy-go-lucky track on the ukulele that can be used to open your YouTube videos or corporate presentations on a cheerful note.

Download Funny Cute Ukulele Now

16. Ukulele Happiness

If you’re looking for a happy yet quirky opening to set the pace of your website, YouTube or Vimeo videos, or corporate presentations, we have the perfect track that will complement your footage to the tee. 

Download Ukulele Happiness Now

17. Ukulele Dixie Jazz

Using this cheerful melody with an accordion and an irresistible whistle would not be a baby step but significant addition to your videos or commercials for children. 

Download Ukulele Dixie Jazz Now

18. Ukulele For Life

Ukulele for Life is an easy-going music track played on the ukulele, electric guitar, steel drums, Rhodes, whistle, sticks, drums, percussion, clap, and more! The overall vibe of the song is extremely optimistic and motivating.

Download Ukulele For Life Now

19. Ukulele Happy Hour

Check out this gentle and optimistic tune in the folk acoustic style composed using an acoustic guitar, ukulele, and percussion. Interspersed with joyful clapping, this track is an ideal background for funny videos, pet YouTube videos, and other cute but funny content. 

Download Ukulele Happy Hour Now

20. Ukulele Dreams

This is a very cheerful and happy song that is particularly suited for YouTube videos. Featuring the delightful notes of the ukulele mixed with some other sweet-sounding instruments – use this track to sprinkle more positivity in your videos effortlessly.

Download Ukulele Dreams Now

21. Ukulele Summer

A chirpy and ebullient track featuring the ukulele, drums, and a catchy whistle that is easily loopable. Perfect to complement an inspirational short film, YouTube video, or vlog.

Download Ukulele Summer Now

22. Hawaiian Ukulele Surf

Let the positive feeling flow with this fun track that is an assortment of catchy sounds including the ukulele, piano, hand claps, and glockenspiel. Vloggers would definitely love to use this one for their travel, make-up, and cooking videos.

Download Hawaiian Ukulele Surf Now

23. Shuffle Ukulele Fun

Here’s an upbeat, joyful, and exceptionally bouncy track featuring glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, and some melodic whistles. Set the right tone for your videos by inducing a happy mood with this track.

Download Shuffle Ukulele Fun Now

We know it’s hard to wade through thousands of tracks online. That’s precisely why we only feature high-quality royalty free ukulele music for upbeat videos and films on Motion Array. Browse the collection of ukulele music on our website to find the perfect track for your movies, vlogs, presentations, and films. Start exploring now!