16 Beautiful & Lovely Wedding Invitation Slideshows for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro 27/03/2022 5 min read

When planning a wedding, everyone always wants to make sure all their invitations go out in time. And why not try something creative and stylish for your invitations? Start with beautifully designed video collages that announce the date, location and confirm how they can RSVP. We have put together a great list of our top romantic and classy wedding invitations and slideshow templates for Premiere Pro. Use one of these 16 great options to set the tone for your wedding and even save some money on printing and shipping costs.

Part 1: Popular Romantic Premiere Pro Wedding Invitations & Slideshows

Don’t fret if you have an extra-long guest list! Instead of worrying about the planning of what date is best to send all your invitations, easily download and customize a video wedding invitation and share a visual masterpiece of your love with your family and friends. 

1. Clean Wedding Invitation

The best color for any wedding is white! And this template with smooth circular animations and transitions to add your text to your photos or clips might be exactly what you are looking for. Introduce your wedding with a beautiful design!

Download Clean Wedding Invitation Now

2. Wedding Invitation Packs

This wedding pack includes 3 invitations styles you can choose from. With a lot of space for text with 25 placeholders, easily add your wedding details, change the colors to your scheme, and share with your loved ones.

Download Wedding InvitationPacks Now

3. Wedding Invitation

Romantic bokeh particles are what all weddings need! If you are looking for a sleek and chic design for your invitations, this gorgeously designed Wedding Invitation template is your best bet! The design mainly features text placeholders, you can also use it with other templates.

Download Wedding Invitation Now

4. Wedding Invitation Slideshow

Planning a destination wedding? The Wedding Invitation Slideshow contains colorful hand-drawn illustrations with a travel theme that will excite all your guests to join you on your special day.

Download Wedding Invitation Slideshow Now

5. Magical Wedding Invitation

Do you like a more nostalgic look? Maybe in love with art? Check out this magical invitation design that features dynamically animated antique sculptures that spin around revealing your text.

Download Wedding Invitation Now

6. Wedding Invitation Slides

While a video invitation is creative, if you still want the envelope and card look, you can’t go wrong with these smoothly animated slides. With 3 media placeholders, 5 text placeholders, and color controls, create your very own look!

Download Wedding Invitation Slides Now

7. Beautiful Wedding Invitation

Why not mix the card style look with a retro film? This beautiful cinematic wedding invitation template features a smooth eye-catching design that orks well with both images and videos to present your upcoming wedding! Include your favorite romantic moments, memories, and family photos for the perfect invite design, beyond a printed one.

Download Beautiful Wedding Invitation Now

8. Wedding Reel

If you are more of the romantic type and want an old film reel look, the Wedding Reel features a subtle film burn and particles overlay with beautiful LUTs. Make your wedding invitation stand out and match your special day’s theme; add your favorite romantic song with your engagement photos and clips.

Download Wedding Reel Now

9. Wedding Love Story

The Wedding Love Story features 9 media placeholders, 8 editable text layers, with a final text screen to provide your wedding and RSVP details. Enjoy a nice elegant design with white and black for a more formal event while sharing beautiful photos of the happy couple’s best moments.

Download Wedding Love Story Now

10. Vintage Wedding Love Story 

Want to share the beautiful photos you took during your engagement and as a couple? Try out the animated photo slides that pan through your screen to reveal a total of 8 photo placeholders. It also includes 8 editable text layers to add your invitation notes and RSVP dates. 

Download Vintage Wedding Love Story Now

11. Lovely Wedding Slideshow

Celebrate your wedding announcement with a versatile design that features floral transitions with light leaks for a soft and elegant look. With 7 editable text layers, you can add the important details of your event, as well as links to gift registries and your wedding website.

Download Lovely Wedding Slideshow Now

12. Wedding Frames

Seamless transitions, brush effects, and frame elements make the Wedding Frames template a must-have template for your upcoming wedding announcement. If you do not have your event theme and color scheme quite settled yet, this might be a good option to use as your wedding invitation.  

Download Wedding Frames Now

13. Wedding Memories Slideshow

How about a mystical and magical design with bokeh particle overlays? Easily add in your photos to create a visual story of your love and happily ever after. Set the right tone for your wedding – timeless and elegant!

Download Wedding Memories Slideshow Now

14. Slideshow

Looking for something elegant in pink? How about gold glitter and flowers? This wedding invitation slideshow is a great clean style to use for your photos to stand out. With a modular structure, 13 image placeholders, and 10 text and title layers, drop your favorite photos and invite your guests as fast as today!

Download Slideshow Now

15. Multiframe Wedding Slideshow

If you can’t decide which photos to focus on for your video wedding invitation, then why not just add all of them using the Multiframe Wedding Slideshow! You can choose from 2 options: a longer version with 62 image placeholders or a shorter version with 26 image placeholders. Get to designing and planning your wedding!

Download Multiframe Wedding Slideshow Now

16. Wedding Gold Slideshow

For those looking for a more glamorous style invitation with gold particles on black, as well as simple text animations, smooth ink transitions, and light leaks. With space for 29 images, this dynamic template is truly a spectacular way of introducing your wedding to your lovely guests.

Download Wedding Gold Slideshow Now

Part 2: Tips for Creating Amazing Wedding Invitations in Premiere Pro

From small to big wedding events, as well as elopements, online wedding invitations is becoming a top choice for all brides and wedding planners. To successfully create your invitation, consider these tips to achieve a professional look with important details that might seem simple yet effective. 

1. Use Romantic Royalty-Free Music

Most templates do not come with music so you can use your own favorite song but to avoid any licensing issues, it is best to use royalty-free music. We suggest you pick songs that you might want to use for your wedding video as well as your invitation; specifically, consider a short section you really like for the Invitation. This will help you create a strong feeling and also sample your wedding theme and melody for your guests.

2. Use Professional Stock Photos

Sometimes you might not have taken a lot of photos to actually include in your online wedding invitation. It is really professional to include close-up stock photos to use as transitions between your own photos. This will also create a nice transition between sections of your invitation information, from the event location, date, and time, as well as RSVP, link to your wedding website, and registry. You can also check out Motion Array’s stock videos that feature venues, couples dancing, as well as close up of rings or wedding dresses.  

3. Use Premiere Pro Presets

If you want to further edit templates you have downloaded, one great way to customize them is using additional Premiere Pro presets. If you are looking to edit your own photos or any downloaded stock photos or videos, for additional effects, enhancements and even improvements to skin and complexion. Apply these to stock videos to better match your own footage and make your invitation look professional.

Invitations are a vital part of any wedding and creating one is as important as receiving one. Give a sneak peek of your chosen theme and even color scheme for the whole event. It is amazing how everyone is always intrigued by what the event venue and the colors of the dresses, as well as flowers, will be for the special day. From background colors, particles, and transitions to photo frames, and elegant text fonts, online wedding invitations come in an array of unique designs. To inspire your creativity before your big day, pick and choose any of the top 16 wedding invitation and slideshow templates for Premiere Pro. Impress your family and friends, and get your RSVPs quicker than you even anticipated.

For additional wedding resources, check out these wedding title designs, royalty-free wedding music, as well as tips for creating your wedding highlight videos.