Top 25 Royalty-Free Workout Music for Sports & Exercise Videos

Royalty Free Music 08/03/2022 5 min read

Action sequences, whether they’re in a Hollywood film or a workout vlog are only exhilarating to watch if they have the proper music backing. If you’re looking for the best royalty-free workout music to pair with your next track, we’ve got you covered with 25 solid picks.

Best Dynamic & Hyped-Up Workout Background Music for Sports Videos

1. I Love This Sport

I Love This Sport is a glitchy royalty-free tune that’s perfect for your next workout promo. It boasts a tense and powerful Trap piece that includes synths, risers, vocal cuts, and deep 808s. If you’re looking for gym background music to pump people up, this is the way to go.

Download I Love This Sport Now

2. Keep Going

Reminiscent of a tangy electric beat, Keep Going would be a great addition to your next sports-themed project. Throw this hip-hop track into the intro of your next urban visual, and let the electronic beats, percussion, bass, synths, and vocals speak for themselves.

Download Keep Going Now

3. Pump Up The Volume

Pump Up The Volume is an energetic piece of royalty-free Trap music that really delivers on its name. Featuring bold 808s, brass, vocal cuts, and synths, it’ll fit in perfectly with your next sports reel.

Download Pump Up The Volume Now

4. Workout & Sport

For something that has a strong sports-like feel but brings on an air of inspirational motivation, there’s Workout & Sport. Perfect for your next action trailer, it features organ sounds, uplifting horns, and cool synths. 

Download Workout & Sport Now

5. Trap Sport Action

If you want something modern and cool for your next sports-themed video game, Trap Sport Action might just be what you’re looking for. This track features an 808 bass line, dynamic leads, and drums. 

Download Trap Sport Action Now

6. Energetic Workout

Energetic Workout has a real climbing feel to it, building as the song progresses. Featuring cool guitars, punchy beats, modern synths, and a little piano, this track is great for high-impact edits or promos. 

Download Energetic Workout Now

7. Rock Sport Workout

If you’re looking for something that fits into a sports video but has a real rocky edge to it, Rock Sport Workout is for you. This track features overdrive guitars, cool bass, and drums perfect for a high-powered workout scene. 

Download Rock Sport Workout Now

8. Uplifting Indie Workout

Whether you’re opening a presentation video or creating a gym promo, Uplifting Indie Workout might just be for you. This fast and energetic track with an edge of inspiration that can fit into almost any project you’re creating.

Download Uplifting Indie Workout Now

9. Push Hard

For a vocal-led track that will inspire your audience to keep going there’s Push Hard. It’s a more traditional rap-focused song that could easily slide into the background of action or sports-inspired projects. Also, this track features explicit lyrics, so you can edit the mix and be careful which project you use it for.

Download Push Hard Now

10. Gym Of The Future

Gym Of The Future is a really powerful piece with an urban feel to it. Featuring stylish beats, super 808s, SFX, and synth beats, it’s an ideal addition to any ad, reel, or workout montage.  

Download Gym Of The Future Now

11. Shake It Down

Bouncy and upbeat, Shake It Down features slick synths, pulsing beats, vocal samples, and intriguing brass. This track is a perfect fit for the background of lifestyle, fashion, travel, or vlog visuals.  

Download Shake It Down Now

12. Gym Is My Life

With 808s, brass, vocal cuts, and cool synths, Gym Is My Life is a great piece of royalty-free workout music that will fit into your next project. Whether you’re recording a sports vlog or creating an action trailer, this is the project for you. 

Download Gym Is My Life Now

13. Street Sports Intro

Street Sports Intro is a motivational and cinematic piece of royalty-free hip-hop music that’s a perfect fit for your next sports promo. It features an energetic beat, along with bold brass and dramatic strings for an altogether motivational feel. 

Download Street Sports Intro Now

14. Energy Booster

Energy Booster is a fun, fast, and bold trap track. It features 808s, brass, stylish beats, and vocal cut-ins. You can pair this with your next ad, sports, workout, or urban montage.

Download Energy Booster Now

15. Daily Routine

If you’re looking for something that’s more dark and energetic, Daily Routine might be the piece of royalty-free trap music that you’re looking for. It features edgy 808s, spacey synths, vocal shouts, and tight beats. 

Download Daily Routine Now

16. Do It Better

Do It Better is an energetic track that features super 808s, vocal cuts, synths, and tight beats. This piece of royalty-free trap music is perfect for ads, reels, or workout montages. 

Download Do It Better Now

17. Make A Hype

If you’re looking for tight beats and super 808s, Make A Hype is the piece of music for you. This royalty-free trap music features a high-energy but non-invasive beat that would pair great with reels or workout montages. 

Download Make A Hype Now

18. Train Your Body

Train Your Body features heavy brass, glitchy vocals, synths, percussion, and bass. It’s a more aggressive, strong piece of royalty-free trap music and can fit any project from something that has a more urban life vibe to a promotional video for a fancy car.

Download Train Your Body Now

19. Sport

Sport has a real rock vibe to it and would make for great royalty-free workout music on YouTube. With a powerful build-up featuring overdrive guitar, deep bass, punchy drums, and a bit of vocal, this track is perfect for your next military action flick or power-lifting how-to. 

Download Sport Now

20. Big Beat Sport

Big Beat Sport has a real chaotic vibe to it, making it one of the best royalty-free workout music tracks. It features sub-bass, distorted guitars, leads, synth pads, FX drums, and vocal chops, which would serve well to energize players and audiences. 

Download Big Beat Sport Now

21. Adrenaline Sport

Adrenaline Sport was made for an action flick. It’s a fast-paced, dynamic rock track that features a steady drumbeat and enticing guitar riffs. Whether you’re running opening credits for your spy TV show or creating a training video, it’s well worth the listen.  

Download Adrenaline Sport Now

22. Chance To Win

If you’re looking for a track that screams “we’re winning” then Chance To Win is the one for you. It features strings, percussion, stomp, orchestral hits, cinematic effects, overdrive, and vocal samples. It’s great for a movie trailer, stylish presentation, or online promo. 

Download Chance To Win Now

23. Fight For Your Goal

Fight For Your Goal was built for that pre-game energetic scene. It’s an indie rock feature that melds percussion, stomp, cinematic effects, guitars, and vocal effects for the perfect bold-sounding statement. 

Download Fight For Your Goal Now

24. The Last Lap

Powered by atmospheric stomps and claps, The Last Lamp will slide perfectly into that pre-win shot moment. It combines brass, percussion, synth, orchestral hits, and guitar for the perfect inspiring sound.  

Download The Last Lap Now

25. Upbeat Sport Stomp and Claps

The Upbeat Sport Stomp and Clamps track is an action-packed track that could fit any sports or car-focused video. You’ll find a mixture of stomps, claps, strings, distortion guitars, and stylish drums in it. 

Download Upbeat Sport Stomp and Claps Now

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect backing for a YouTube workout routine or want to add some audio power to your next action flick, finding the perfect royalty-free workout music track is key. Check out Motion Array where you can find thousands to choose from, such as chill music, fitness music, guitar music, and even western music.

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