Top 12 Typing Sound Effects for Editors

Royalty Free Music 14/08/2022 3 min read

Typing sound effects can elevate and enhance your work, whether working on short film projects or TikTok videos. So using these varied typing sound elements when featuring more text on your social media posts will help you create more engaging content. This list of 12 royalty-free keyboard or typewriter click sound effects is a great place to start your search, including several packs with different intensities and speeds. 

1. Typing On A Keyboard

Download Typing On A Keyboard Now

Fast clicking or single key hits, this pack of typing sound effects will be ideal for your games, apps, animations or even law office-related content. With distinct clicks and hits, you can simultaneously use it for different projects in various scenes of your short videos.

2. Keyboard Typing Loops

Download Keyboard Typing Loops Now

Create a cool typography video with fast keyboard typing loops. Add a touch of realism with these mechanical and digital clicking sound elements to your text displays, computer-related visuals, and even explainer videos.

3. Various Keyboard Typing

Download Various Keyboard Typing Now

Download this pack of slow and fast typing sound elements to use in your next online search and interface projects. These unique foley sound effects can also detail and depth to your other creative typography projects. 

4. Typing Sounds

Download Typing Sounds Now

This great pack of sound effects can be used in your next scene when typing on a computer, smartphone screen, or laptop keyboard! What makes this set different is the addition of deleting text sound elements. Perfect for your next short clips, promos, or social promos.

5. Vintage Typewriter

Download Vintage Typewriter Now

If you are working on more historical or retro-style typography videos, the Vintage Typewriter pack is a perfect addition to your sound effects arsenal. Great for mimicking writing a letter as words type across the screen in your documentaries, as well as podcast-related content.

6. Keyboard, Typewriter And Cash Register

Download Keyboard, Typewriter And Cash Register Now

Add this great mix of classic typing on a typewriter, digital clicking sound effects and cash register sound elements to your next project! These 3 different variations make this handy pack for foley in films, animations or commercials.

7. Frustrated Keyboard Press

Download Frustrated Keyboard Press Now

If you are looking for something a bit more distinctive, the Frustrated Keyboard Press is a fantastic choice for dramatic scenes. You can easily match the typing sound effects to the clicking and movements on the screen in post-production!

8. SMS Typing

Download SMS Typing Now

Nowadays, most social media videos include showcasing smartphones. This handy pack of SMS typing sound effects is versatile for different scene requirements. Easily mix it in your podcasts, vlogs, or social media promos.

9. Mobile Typing

Download Mobile Typing Now

With distinct clicks and taps, this neat set of 10 mobile typing text sounds is a great resource to download into your arsenal. Good sounds for typing on smartphones, tablets, or apps to enhance and improve your shots within games, animations, vlogs, or tech podcasts.

10. Keyboard Typing SFX Pack

Download Keyboard Typing SFX Pack Now

Another cool pack of digital clicking sounds to easily elevate your cinematic office scenes, trailers or short teasers, as well as typography intros. Featuring 9 distinct and realistic sounds, mix them into your projects to transition between different characters in one scene.

11. iPhone and iPad Typing Keyboard FX 

Download iPhone and iPad Typing Keyboard FX Now

Light to fast tapping sound effects match perfectly if your characters use smartphones or tablets. This pack is created for use in animations or gaming-related content. These simple sound elements will make your projects more exciting! 

12. Alien Text Typing

Download Alien Text Typing Now

If you are looking for more futuristic sci-fi sound effect resources, the Alien Text Typing sound effects will help create tension and unease within your scenes. Add unique typing sound elements for your trailers, hi-tech vlogs, or video games.

Royalty-free typing sound effects offer a great way to add more details and precision to the simple actions within your scenes. They also allow the audience to be drawn to a specific action and better immerse in the whole scene. This incredible selection of tapping and clicking sound elements can be used in more than one style or genre. This list is an excellent find for editors looking to add unique typing sound effects to their post-production resource folder.

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